Why do they buy mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies are the IP addresses of real mobile operators. One of their main advantages is the dynamic change of IP. When using private mobile proxies, the address is hidden, and the target resource sees the user as a subscriber of the mobile operator. This is useful if the user wants to bypass bans or restrictions that are imposed on his real IP address.

Mobile proxies are becoming increasingly popular in marketing and SEO, as they allow you to solve many work tasks. In this article, we will look at how mobile proxies are used in these areas.


Mobile proxies are used to monitor competitors and analyze the market. They allow you to collect information about prices, products, services and marketing campaigns of competitors. Mobile proxies are also used to conduct marketing campaigns through social networks and other online platforms. With the help of multiple accounts, the manager can send out more invites and messages to users. This allows you to increase audience reach and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The trick here is to bypass the restrictions on the number of requests from one IP. In the usual case, sites can issue a captcha, or block access altogether. Therefore, mobile proxies are needed to distribute the load to different IP addresses without arousing suspicion.


High-quality mobile proxies play an important role in promoting websites, including for parsing information, analyzing competitors and minimizing the likelihood of bans.

When promoting websites in search engines, it is important to collect information about competitors and their actions. To do this, you need to use a parsing technology that allows you to extract the necessary data from web pages. However, if parsing is carried out from a single IP address, then this will lead to a ban from search engines.

Mobile proxies can help in minimizing the likelihood of bans from the site, which may occur as a result of too frequent requests or other violations of the rules of search engines. Mobile proxies are perfectly combined with SEO tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Web surfing

The advantages of mobile proxies satisfy the needs of ordinary users who want to surf the Internet freely and use sites that have access restrictions for various reasons.

Choosing high-quality mobile proxies

When choosing reliable proxies, you need to make sure that they work quickly and provide a large pool of addresses. You will also need the right range of geolocations from the supplier and reliable technical support. Proxys.io offers mobile proxies and other types of proxies at an affordable price. At the same time, you get a high-quality product and choose the necessary proxy geolocations that are suitable for professional work and ordinary use.