Which Windows are Better? Comparing Aluminum and PVC Windows

Let’s say right away that both types of windows are worth customers’ attention. With a properly selected profile, fittings and glass units, both types will serve you for many years. But when to choose plastic windows, and when aluminum ones? Does it make sense to order aluminum windows because they are more expensive than that of PVC?

PVC Windows

First, let’s find out what is PVC windows? The profile of such windows is plastic with a steel reinforcement located inside for structural rigidity. Due to the fact that the frame corners are formed by soldering, the steel reinforcement inside does not reach the corners themselves, which means that the corners of the frames and sashes are the weak point in PVC windows. Another downfall is the fastening of window hinges to the profile. They are fixed with self-tapping screws through the PVC profile in the steel reinforcement. It is for these reasons that it is not recommended to make PVC windows large, otherwise there will be an excessive load on the profile and fittings, which can lead to the destruction of structures or their malfunction.

Aluminum Windows

Unlike plastic windows, aluminum windows are suitable both for glazing large areas and for small structures. The frame corners are formed using embedded elements, glue and additional crimping. By itself, the aluminum profile has a greater rigidity than the plastic one. Designs can be painted in any color and the coating lasts for decades. The fittings are more durable, as they are designed for heavy sashes.

Energy Saving

Both types of windows are not inferior to each other in terms of heat conservation. It is important to choose the right profile and glass units for the required goals. In PVC profiles, energy saving is affected by the number of air chambers and the thickness of the plastic itself, and in aluminum – by the thickness of the polyamide thermal bridge.


Without any doubts, the window quality also depends on the assemblers. Due to the growing demand for windows of any type, more and more factories are opening, but not all of them pay attention to the quality of their products. Currently, there is a growing number of applications from the US and Canadian developers to European window manufacturers, as Europe pays more attention to energy efficiency and assembly quality. Also, triple glazing in Europe is considered the norm, unlike the United States where today it is rare.


As we said before, the price of aluminum windows is higher than that of PVC ones, but aluminum windows have more glazing options. In Europe, window prices are more interesting than in the US and Canada.

Where to Order Windows?

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