Where to host your website cheaply: about shared hosting

Shared hosting is called virtual hosting in another way. This type of hosting is the most popular. The essence of hosting is that one web server is taken and several websites from a number of clients are hosted on it. At the same time, sites can use the same software, but be hosted in different departments of the web server.

In other words, shared hosting is an actual type of hosting that allows a certain number of sites to be placed together on the server. This method of placement significantly saves the company’s hosting costs.

Thus, using shared hosting services you save money and get the necessary set of services. Usually, they are enough for small websites and blogs. Often users who do not know how shared hosting works overpay for a dedicated server.

How does shared hosting work?

Any user has the opportunity to place the necessary files on the server sections allocated for this purpose. Each user has its own part of the server. The number of users on one server can reach several hundred.

Each user has the opportunity to use databases, disk space, e-mail, traffic and other functions from the hosting company.

All users work under the same conditions, they have an equal amount of system resources available to them: a percentage of the mail server, the main processor.

Advantages of shared hosting:

  • All users have equal conditions.
  • A large number of users.
  • Cost-effectiveness, since all costs are shared by all users.
  • The best option for blogging and websites and other resources where there are no strict bandwidth requirements.

For more information about whether shared hosting is suitable for your website, it is recommended to check with the hosting provider itself. Usually, support specialists can advise you on the power provided and load capacity.

When should I not overpay for a VPS?

So, VPS hosting is a popular service, consisting in providing a server for rent or in its full sale. Thus, the consumer has the ability to independently manage programs and operating systems.

There are several VPS options available on the Internet, ranging from free to expensive. Not always expensive, it means high quality. In some cases, there is no need to overpay for the service. It is dangerous to trust completely free options, but sometimes it will be advisable to stop at the cheap segment. For example, if the user is not yet confident in his abilities, he is a beginner or his project cannot give a 100% guarantee of the result, it is recommended to use an inexpensive option.


The benefits of using shared hosting

The main reason for the popularity of hosting services is their reasonable cost. The possibility of providing a low price is due to the fact that the use of the server is divided into several users, therefore the payment is also distributed among users.

Using such hosting is convenient and simple. The user does not have to have knowledge of server maintenance, the hosting itself will deal with this issue.

With shared hosting, it’s easy to create and manage websites, it’s possible using the control panel. Each user can adjust to their criteria and perform the necessary actions, such as backup, database creation, and site statistics.