What Is Textile Design? & How To Get To Work In This Industry

Textile design is the discipline that deals with devising, creating and modifying textiles, which are materials manufactured through the process of bonding and joining. Textiles, which have applications in various fields such as fashion, home decoration, lifestyle and other service industries, form a substantial part of our daily interaction with the tangible world. Its versatile nature and adaptability make it a way to meet the changing needs of society as a whole.

It is a specialized practice that combines artistic talent with a detailed knowledge of textiles. In this sector, it is not enough to have a good eye for design, since the functioning of a print with a specific upholstery ikat fabric is also a relevant factor in the production of clothing. And, for this, it is vital to train properly.

Textile design is an essential aspect of the manufacturing process, and for almost all fashion firms it is necessary for the identity of their brand.

How To Get To Work In This Industry

If you have ever thought about dedicating yourself professionally to textile design, you should know that it is a hard road, and that you must follow a few steps. However, you should keep in mind that professionals usually start with an internship or as an assistant to a more qualified professional.

Train Properly

As you can imagine, this is essential. With a good Master in Fashion Design you will learn everything you need to work in textile design. Issues such as color theory, digital printing or pattern design will no longer be a secret for you.

You Must Learn To Use The Tools

There are endless tools that you can and will use if you work as a textile designer. Some examples of these tools can be Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Practice Makes A Master

This profession requires a lot of practice. For this reason, in addition to the best possible training, you should do an internship that allows you to explore this world more when you can.

It is true that they are not going to make you establish yourself as a recognized designer, but it can give you many clues and finish deciding if you really want to dedicate yourself to it. In addition, they allow you to meet many professionals in the sector.

Why Pursue a Career In Textile Design?

The answer to this question is “because it is a field that encompasses many different disciplines and in which you can develop your creativity.” The fact is that it presents numerous professional opportunities. Let’s see.

Creative Director

He is the one in charge of all the creative teams that work on an idea. She evaluates and supervises that the project goes in the desired direction.

Trend Researcher

It is responsible for predicting changes and trends in the world of fashion. Such predictions can help companies create better products.

Process Management

Plans and supervises the cutting and making of the garment in question, and also ensures that the technical department runs smoothly.

Stylist, another Profession that You Can Practice With Textile Design

The fashion stylist is the professional with the ability to choose the right look to communicate a trend. This professional can work for magazines, events, or as a personal stylist.

Textile Designer

He is the one who makes the products within the industry. Among the products that it can work with are threads, fibers or fabrics with very specific characteristics. His mission is also to obtain inputs to be able to develop other products.

Shoe And Accessory Design

As the name itself suggests, thanks to textile design you can also work as an accessory or shoe designer. Its mission is to plan and develop those elements related to the outfit. He is in charge of capturing the concept of all ideas

Within the luxury fashion sector, shoes and accessories play a significant role. A high degree of technical and creative skill, an in-depth understanding of the fashion system, as well as a keen sense of business and creativity, are necessary for professional success in this field.

The intensive one-year study in shoes and accessory design equips students with the abilities, information, and experience required to work in the footwear and accessory divisions of high-end fashion and luxury businesses around the world. There are many different categories of shoes available nowadays, like Asics walking shoes, Nike shoes for CrossFit, shoes for overweight men, and sneakers for back pain.

Students will receive in-depth instruction covering a wide range of topics and fields of expertise, from trend research to graphics, color theory to collection planning, and branding to patternmaking, with the goal of preparing them for a variety of professions within the fashion accessory industry.

These are just some of the job opportunities you can get if you study textile design, but there are many more.