what is a junior account in rec room

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A Parent’s Guide to Rec Room

To create a Junior account for your child, simply enter their age at account creation and it will automatically create a Junior account for any child under 13.

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Why is my Junior account being blocked from using Meta devices? Meta is requiring Rec Room, and apps like it, to block users under 13 years of age or the …

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Junior accounts are like normal player accounts, but they have restrictions on them. Junior accounts are for players that are under the age of 13.

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Junior Accounts · If our evidence and moderation systems detect a player 12 years old or younger using an account, it becomes a “Junior Account.” · Why do Junior …

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If we suspect a player under 13 is using a non-junior account, we must verify their age. Players under 13 must only play on junior accounts. Rec Room supports …