What does Colin Farrell know about the Crying Game? Take our trivia challenge and find out.

1. According to sources at the GlobeColin Farrell recently did what with a transvestite in Miami Beach?

    • A. He knowingly leaked the identity of an undercover CIA operative to “her.”


    • B. He kissed “her.” Even though he knew that “she” was actually a “he.”


    • C. He staggered up to her and said, “You’ve got some

Eddie Murphy

    •  on your chin.”


    • D. He ripped off her blonde wig and put it on his head to make a point about


    • .


    E. He performed a smashing karaoke duet of “I Will Survive” with her. Then he had a good cry in her strong, caring arms.



2. Brad Pitt, reports the National Enquirer, is smearing Vaseline over his head for what reason?

    • A. He’s going to surprise


    •  by aping


    •  faux-hawk.


    • B. He’s bleached his hair so many times that the chemicals have damaged his scalp.


    • C. Because applesauce would just be weird.


    • D. It’s the only way a person can fit his head between the rungs of a banister.


    E. Because the children of Africa find that sort of thing funny.



3. According to US Weekly, what did a disguised Whitney Houston say to a group of fans who recognized her?

    • A. “I’m Abraham Lincoln, I swear. Can’t you tell by my funny beard?”


    • B. “Damn! Damn! Damn! I just want a real life!”


    • C. “If I’m Whitney Houston, then why do I have this crack pipe in my hand?”


    • D. “How did you know?/ How did you kn-oo-ooo-ooooow/How did you know that I’m really Whitney…?”


    E. “Of course I’ll give you an autograph—you are my fans, and I love all of you!”



4. Which two of the following are not published descriptions of Farrah Fawcett’s face?

A. “Her lips were so full of collagen, they seemed about to burst.”
B. “Her nose and nostrils appear to be dissolving into her face.”
C. “The only way she could improve her image is by putting a bag over her head.”
D. “Even sunglasses could not mask her lopsided, droopy left eye.”
E. “Is that her face or did her neck throw up.”



5. What does In Touch report Mariah Carey is terrified of?

    • A. Flavored lip gloss


    • B. Glitter


    • C. Her fans’ germs


    • D. Asian people


    • E.




6. The Globe claims Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett demonstrated their love for each other in what way?

    • A. Scarlett slapped Josh, recoiled, and then hugged him very, very tightly.


    • B. Scarlett told her BFF to tell Josh’s best bud that she was kind of “in like” with him.


    • C. Scarlett cut Josh’s face so no one else would ever find him beautiful.


    • D. They kissed.


    •  they cuddled.


    E. Josh jumped up and down on the couch and was all “I’m in love! I’m in love!” And then Scarlett entered stage-left, right? Turns out Scarlett was on the set the whole time and Josh was just totally like, “Oh my God, what are you doing here?” He was just like, I mean—he was so surprised. And then they kissed in front of everyone and they’re just really, really into each other, I guess.



7. What inscription was on the T-shirt of a very pregnant Britney Spears at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premiere?

    • A. “I Have the Golden Ticket”


    • B. “What Do You Get When You Guzzle Down Sweets?”


    • C. “You Stole Fizzy-Lifting Drinks and Now the Entire Place Has to Be Washed and Sterilized So You Get Nothing! You Lose! I Said ‘Good Day, Sir!”


    • D. “Two Oompah-Loompahs in the Oven?”


    • E. “I Wish I Was at the Premiere of

Charlie and the Cheet-oh Factory




8. According to the National Enquirer, which of the following actually happened to Teri Hatcher while she was on safari in Africa with her seven-year-old daughter Emerson?

    • A. They were caught frolicking naked with giraffes.


    • B. They were almost run down by an elephant stampede.


    • C. They were kept up all night by the sounds of Brad & Angelina’s animal-sex.


    • D. They got caught trying to purchase yellowcake uranium.


    E. While running from a charging rhino, they both tripped over Teri’s left breast.



9. The Globe reports that Jennifer Aniston admitted she and Brad Pitt broke up because:

    • A. She made fun of Brad Pitt’s footwear in


    • .


    • B. Pitt passive-aggressively asserted that Phoebe was actually his favorite character on


    • .


    • C. Brad cheated on Jennifer.


    • D. Brad got amped up on crystal meth and suggested that they cook and eat

Courteney Cox

    • ’s daughter Coco.


    • E. Brad couldn’t look her in the eye after

Along Came Polly



10. According to the Globe, what did Leonardo DiCaprio say to a stunned fan who asked for his autograph?

    • A. “Only if I can sign your breasts. With my special pink pen.”


    • B. “I don’t sign autographs for anyone anymore—unless I get paid.”


    • D. “Sure you can have my autograph. Just as soon as I’m done stabbing you.”


    • C. “No, I’d like to get your autograph. That’s right, I want your autograph, Mr. Celebrity-Who-Must-Get-Asked-for-Autographs-ALL- THE-FUCKING-TIME!”


    E. “I’m Whitney Houston, I swear. Why else would I have this crack pipe in my hand?”