Using a Mac for Work? You must know these Hacks

With the work-from-home trend on the rise, more and more people are using Macs to complete official tasks. However, if you are using your Mac for work, you must master the art of eliminating distractions, taking notes, and quickly taking screenshots. Take a look at how you can make your work-from-home more productive with these Mac tricks. 

Use Siri to the Fullest 

You might not know Siri’s potential if you are new to Macs. However, if you have recently shifted to Apple from the Windows environment, you might wrongly judge Siri and compare it with Cortana. With the former, you can make conversions, schedule appointments, set reminders, call friends and get answers to your questions. 

It would be best if you got comfortable using Siri to streamline your work. 

Create a Timeline 

If your work presents detailed information, you must break it down into digestible forms, making it easier for everyone to follow. That’s where creating times can help. It can organize events, concepts, and information. For example, you can create timelines in product design, case studies, education, and customer service. 

Suppose you wonder how to create a timeline, use macOS’ native tool called Pages. While it doesn’t have a timeline function, the tool allows users to create charts. You can also install other timeline makers like Aeon Timeline and SheetPlanner. 

Use Spotlight to the Fullest 

Spotlight is one of the most used apps, and every Mac user knows it. It is a search feature that works across the device. You can use it to create an index of items and files so you can find whatever you need. But it does more than help you look for files or items on your system. Besides search, the tool is used for more functions. For instance, you can use Spotlight to carry out simple calculations or quickly convert units. You can also convert kilograms to pounds and perform other unit and currency conversions. 

Free the Screen to Get more Space 

So, do you feel there’s less space on your Mac’s screen to help you carry out your tasks? If so, you can remove the Dock and menu bar to create more space. First, go to the System Preferences app and click General. You will see an option to hide and show the menu bar automatically. It would be best if you ticked the box next to this option. Then, hover the mouse pointer on top of the screen to bring back the menu bar, but when you move the pointer away, the menu bar will disappear. 

You can do the same to hide the Dock. Go to System Preferences > tick the box next to hide and show the Dock automatically. 

You will get a lot of screen space, and you don’t have to see those huge icons while you work. 

Create Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to up your productivity. You can easily change between keyboard settings and choose to use two of them — one in English and the other in your native language. Also, you can customize the shortcuts to perform everyday functions seamlessly. First, navigate the System Preferences app and click on Keyboard settings to make this happen. You will find the Shortcuts option there. Next, select the App Shortcuts option and click on the plus icon. A box on the window will allow you to add a keyboard shortcut for a particular action or command. 

You must ensure not to use the keyboard combinations already used for other commands. 

Utilize the Split View Feature 

Using the Split View feature is one of the most astonishing tricks to augment productivity. The feature is easily accessed by opening one of the applications you wish to use. Then, click the green button in the window’s upper-left corner and decide whether you want the app to be on the left or right of your screen. Next, open another application and follow the same steps. Then, you can use both apps by splitting the screen, and there’s no need to go back and forth between the applications. 

Do you have an iPad? Use it as a Second Display 

Using your iPad as a second display is a cool trick, especially for photographers, editors, and graphic designers. It will allow you to see beautiful colors and details. The feature is called Sidecar, and it doesn’t take long to set it up. 

Learn to Take Screenshots 

Mastering the art of taking a screenshot on your Mac will come in handy, primarily if you work from home. It will help you share your screen with your colleagues and explain things in an easy, digestible manner. Shift + Command + 5 is the shortcut that offers options for capturing the screen and taking screen recordings. 

So, know these hacks, and you can transform your Mac into a workhorse.