Unveiling the Most-Watched Reality Shows of the Year

Reality television has had immeasurable and significant effects on modern society. It has even ushered in a new era of diplomacy, as Americans now incorporate Love Island UK phrases like “mugged off” and “banter” into everyday conversations. This illustrates the immense power of reality television. So, for those who believe they were “born in the wrong generation,” we encourage you to appreciate the accomplishments and creations we have made together. Embrace it. Let’s start watching reality shows together, which have gained the most popularity in 2023.

#1 Survivor

What is the most watched reality TV show? This is Survivor, although a lot depends on what data you start from. Based on TikTok views, Google searches, TV viewership, and IMDb user ratings. Between its first and twentieth seasons, “Survivor” experienced a substantial 65.3% drop in viewership. This decline highlights the changing preferences of the audience and serves as an indicator of reality television’s longevity and ability to retain viewers. Additionally, it raises questions about the genre’s potential saturation and the challenge of maintaining suspense and novelty over extended periods.

#2 RuPaul’s Drag Race

Drag Race Season 15 started with a bang, with guest judge Ariana Grande. It’s the biggest cast ever competing for a huge cash prize. Stream the entire season without spoilers. Although the season’s over, it made waves in the cultural lexicon with memorable moments like “Walk that f*cking duck” and Sugar’s Trisha Paytas impression in the Snatch Game.

#3 Say Yes to the Dress

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#4 MasterChef

“MasterChef,” the iconic cooking show, is currently airing its 13th season, presenting the thrilling “United Tastes of America” competition. The show’s esteemed judges, Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aarón Sánchez, evaluate a diverse group of skilled home cooks who aim to impress with their culinary prowess and creative dishes. The stakes have never been higher as these passionate contestants push themselves to new heights.

#5 Big Brother

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated premiere of the 25th season of the iconic reality show “Big Brother” on Wednesday, August 2. This groundbreaking series follows a group of contestants as they move into a single house, accepting round-the-clock filming. Each week, the houseguests will participate in live voting to determine who will be eliminated from the show. Don’t forget, you can catch the new season on August 2, and if you can’t wait, past seasons are already available for streaming on Paramount+.

#6 Perfect Match

Perfect Match, a fresh reality series on Netflix, features well-known personalities from our beloved reality shows like Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, and The Circle. By gathering fan favorites from Netflix’s entire reality repertoire, the show takes place in a villa (seriously, does Love Island get a cut?). Netflix premiered Perfect Match on Valentine’s Day with Nick Lachey as the host.

#7 Bling Empire: New York


In January, the newest spinoff of the popular Netflix series Bling Empire was released. This spinoff documents Dorothy Wang’s relocation from Los Angeles to New York, where she previously appeared in the second season of Bling Empire and the vintage reality series on E!, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Alongside Wang, this new series showcases the lives of six other affluent New Yorkers as they mingle with the privileged 1 percent.

What is the most-watched TV series in 2023?

This was the second season of Ginny and Georgia. This beloved dramedy focuses on teenager Ginny and her family’s attempt to settle in a small New England town after years of being on the run. According to The Economic Times, Ginny and Georgia accumulated over 500 million streaming hours in its first five weeks on Netflix, placing it among the top ten most-watched Netflix originals ever. Just remember our advice about using a VPN for iOS or PC to unblock geo-restricted content. This needs to be done because Netflix is famous for not allowing its series and shows to be watched in half the countries in the world.


I would like to note that the popularity of these reality shows is beyond doubt, but this does not mean that other shows are unworthy of attention. There’s a good chance your favorite show of 2023 isn’t on this list. It just means you have a slightly unusual taste.