Unlock Your Ultimate Glam with Pre-Everything Wigs: A Complete Guide

As we all know, today is the world of fast-paced living. As a result, convenience and efficiency are valued more than ever before, no matter what field you are in. Therefore, in case you are searching for wigs for instant hairstyle changes without sacrificing quality or style, then pre-everything wigs are the perfect choice for you. Keep reading if you want to know more about pre-everything wigs.

What Are Pre-Everything Wigs?

Made of 100% human hair, pre-everything wigs feature the largest glueless lace front size (13×4 or 13×6 ear-to-ear full front lace) on the market, which can ensure complete coverage of the forehead hairline area. They are breathable and comfortable, perfect for bold parting preferences without adhesives. Better yet, the lace portion has been trimmed to match the wearer’s hairline perfectly and naturally, enabling it to be worn straight out of the box. 

What Makes Pre-Everything Wigs Apart From?

After knowing what pre-everything wigs, next, let’s look at their benefits.

Time-saving and convenient

One of the main advantages of pre-everything wigs is the unparalleled convenience they supply. They are pre-style, pre-plucked, bleached knots, so no styling or customization is required, just put the wig on and go, saving valuable time and energy, especially on busy mornings or when you don’t have much time to style your hair hour.

3X secure fit

Do you frequently fear that your wig will come off your natural hair? Rest assured, the non-slip silicone strips, straps, and 10-tooth comb included with this pre-everything wig work in concert to keep the wig firmly in place and guarantee a 3x better fit. This frees you from worrying about your wig slipping or shifting, you can move about confidently.

Diversity in styling

Pre-everything wigs provide a great deal of diversity in styling possibilities even if they are pre-styled. The unlimited possibilities range from curly and voluptuous to straight and smooth. These wigs make it simple to customize your appearance, whether you want to try a different color scheme or change the length of your hair overnight.

S zig zag skin melting hairline

Are you worried about looking unnatural when wearing a wig? This pre-everything wig features a scalp-like streamlined design that blends seamlessly with your hairline, giving you a natural look. Additionally, the pre-cut wavy lace ensures a flawless finish without any visible lines or rough edges, supplying you with a more natural, authentic look.

How to Pick the Perfect Pre-Everything Wigs?

There are typically a number of things to take into account when selecting the ideal wig to make sure it suits all of your requirements and preferences. The following advice will assist you in choosing the ideal pre-everything wig:

Material: Pre-everything wigs are often composed of either human hair or synthetic fibers. It’s no secret that synthetic wigs are typically less expensive and require less upkeep than human hair wigs, although the former may look more realistic. As a result, you can select the wig’s material based on your requirements.

Styles and lengths: Pre-everything wigs are available in a range of styles and lengths, including wavy, curly, and straight hair, as well as short to long hair. To ensure that it truly captures your distinct personality and style, please select a style and length that complements your face shape and personal taste.

Color: When selecting the ideal wig, wig color is very crucial. As wigs exist in a range of hues, as is common knowledge, you can select one that matches the color of your natural hair or experiment with other shades to create a new look. You can try it as long as the hue appeals to you.

Size: Wig size is an additional consideration when selecting a wig. To ensure a snug, comfortable fit, select the appropriate size wig cap; if not, it may come off your head. For this reason, in order to choose the right wig size, you must take an exact measurement of your head circumference.

Pre-Everything Wigs Care Tips

Taking good care of your wig will help it last longer and be of higher quality. The following maintenance advice can help your wig look its best:

Store appropriately

You may prolong the life of your wig by storing it properly. To keep your wigs in form and avoid tangles or knots when not in use, you can store them on a wig stand or mannequin. This will increase the wigs’ longevity.

Cleaning regularly

It’s essential to clean your wig regularly to get rid of product buildup, oil, and dirt, leaving it looking tidy. To minimize excessive friction or twisting of the wig strands, use a gentle wig shampoo and conditioner while cleaning your wig, which will help to preserve the wig.

Avoid tangling and shedding

You must handle the prepared wig with caution to avoid tangling and shedding. Keep in mind that combing or brushing your wig while it is wet increases the likelihood of tangles. Therefore, use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush to carefully comb your hair from bottom to top when your wig is drying.


After reading this article, do you have a good understanding of pre-everything wigs? UNice Hair provides a variety of pre-everything wigs for everyone to choose from, whether you want body wave, curly, or straight. So, choose your favorite pre-everything wig and experience the charm it brings.