UnixTimestamp – The best way to encode time

UNIXTimestamp – What is it?

The Unix time is the amount of seconds since January initial, 1970 00:00:00 UTC. It is a structure used to address time. This specific second doesn’t change regardless of your region. PC structures can include this to track and sort dated information in one of a kind and appropriated applications.

Normal date Seconds
1 minute 60 seconds
1 hour 60 seconds
1 day 604800 seconds
1 week 2629743 seconds
1 month (30.44 days 2629743 seconds
1 year (365.24 days) 31556926 seconds

UNIX converter – Advantages

Numerous coders can’t help thinking about what the best purposes for Unixtimestamp.app are. The following are a couple of instances of their advantages and applications:

  • PHP and MySQL timestamps mean simpler controls from PHP and MySQL.
  • UNIX timestamps can be utilized to address a little scope of date-times, from 1901 to 2038.
  • Changing over standardized dates into age timestamps guarantees cross language and stage similarity.
  • Age times are additionally utilized by PC frameworks in arranging and following dated data in conveyed applications (on the web and client-side).


Note: For more data about the utilizations of UNIX timestamps, if it’s not too much trouble, visit this StackOverflow string.


  • A 32-cycle flood will cause the Unix TimeStamp to stop dealing with January nineteenth, 2038. Before this second, a huge number of utilizations should either embrace another show for time stamps or move to 64-bit frameworks, which will purchase the time stamp some additional time.
  • Any timestamp before 1970 is addressed by a negative number, which addresses the quantity of seconds until January first, 1970 00:00:00 UTC.
  • In Unix time, jump seconds have a similar Unix time as the prior second it, in light of the fact that every day comprises precisely 86,400 seconds. Unix time doesn’t precisely address UTC.

Why do I need the the “Unixtime converter” tool?

This tool, most importantly, will be valuable for website admins who continually need to manage a lot of dates or frequently allude to their components in their work. With “Unixtime converter” tool you can undoubtedly change over Unix time to client justifiable date (as well as the other way around), figure out current Unix age time, and get time in various programming dialects, DBMS and working frameworks.

Is there a contrast between age time and UNIX time?

In spite of the fact that UNIX time and age time are frequently utilized equivalently, they mean various things. In a real sense talking, the age addresses UNIX time 0 (12 PM toward the beginning of 1 January 1970). Time Converter alludes to the quantity of seconds that have passed since the age.

Unix phrasing

A couple of words about the phrasing.

  • Unix time is the quantity of seconds which have slipped by from 12 PM of January first, 1970 to right now.
  • UTC (General Composed Time) is Widespread Facilitated Time, which is “fixed” at the zero meridian, and from which the geographic time regions are counted.