Top Oil Companies Establish Blockchain Consortium

Many big Oil Companies have established blockchain technology in their system because they got to know how capable it is of providing great benefits and elements which can make their company grow in the market. Oil is considered to be the most considerable revenue generated for any country because everyone is using it and the countries also export them, especially the Middle East countries, which are rich in oil production. So everybody wants to know which of the top Oil Companies have established the blockchain in their system. So today everybody is knowledgeable and then knows what is good and bad for those companies. Hence, they always decide according to the current scenario so that they do not lack behind in terms of technology and benefits. Are you wondering whether to invest in oil? Discover the main benefits of investing in oil.

We will learn about five oil and natural gas companies that have established the blockchain Consortium to explore and adopt the new technology for the energy sector. Blockchain technology allows people to do transactions in real-time, and a person has started using it widely and enjoying its benefits. It also gives the benefit of efficiently recording and tracking the transactions between the two parties in a verifiable way. So let us start learning about those companies in brief.

Saudi Arabian oil co

It is the biggest company all over the globe and in all industries, as well as the largest Oil Company in terms of generating revenue in the entire world. It is also said that it is the only company on the list which has not been traded in the United States. The national champion and the exclusive crude producer from Saudi controls the world’s second-largest reserves and has a fixed refining operation in Saudi Arabia. The revenue of this company is more than $1.3 trillion, which is a tremendous amount of money, and the company’s market capitalization is $7.5 trillion. Everybody working in this particular company is thrilled, saying that the blockchain technology they use in their system has helped them grow.


The market operation of the respected country is big in demand and supply. However, there are challenges that the place has to go through to come to the top list of trading. It is also listed as the top Oil Company which produces the most considerable amount of oil and gas in the world after the mentioned company. The revenue of this company is $365 billion, which is a tremendous value and its market capitalization is $95.8 billion. This company also engages in the development, exploration, production and sale of gas, oil and petroleum.

China petroleum & chemical crop

It is also a huge producer and, along with that, the distributor of different varieties of Petrochemical and products related to petroleum. The company also produces the products such as diesel, synthetic rubbers, kerosene, gasoline, Jet fuel and chemical fertilizers. The market capitalization of this company is $62.3 billion, and its revenue generator is $353.2 billion. It is the biggest oil producer in China and is exporting the products produced by it to the entire world.

Exxon Mobil crop

It is a global petroleum and petrochemical business, and this company is exploring itself by producing, trading and transporting natural gas and oil. In addition, this company has also involved itself in generating electrical power with the help of the coal and mineral operation, which is fantastic. The company sells many products and comes in the second position after Saudi Aramco on the list of Oil Companies by market value. The market capitalization of this company is $325.4 billion, and its revenue generator is around $280.4 billion.

Total energies se

This oil company’s headquarters is in France, exploring and producing the crowded oil and natural gases. It also refines and produces petrochemical products. The revenue generator of the spectacular company is around $184.6 billion, and the market capitalization is around $146.4 billion. The company owns and operates gas stations in Europe and Africa. Like other tremendous Oil Companies, this company is also an integrated Energy Company engaging in all aspects of the gas and oil business. Therefore these are the top 5 Oil Companies which exist in the world.