Top inspirations for summer nails

Summer nails follow their own rules, and they can be a great opportunity to show off your vibrant nature and feisty character. Summer is associated with vivid colors and sun-kissed skin, so bold, attention-grabbing, stunning manicures are more than welcome.

If you are, though, more of a nail traditionalist, classy manicures are also an effective way to celebrate the summer season. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to give them a little edge.

The most essential thing is to feel fabulous with your summer nails and let them enhance your look.

Let’s then check out 5 easy nail designs for summer to get you inspired for this exciting and carefree season.

5 top inspirations for summer nails

Nautical stripes design

The sailor theme is a recurring trend every summer in the clothing industry. Nonetheless, it can work out perfectly in the nail area as well.

To make it successfully at home, you should start with a white base coat and then use striping tape or a thin brush to paint evenly spaced blue stripes. If you want to make your summer nails more exciting, you can also incorporate a little touch of gold, silver, or glitter.

Watermelon design

Another beautiful summer design for nails is a watermelon manicure. Such a fruity design will look fabulous at the beach or when you are chilling at the pool.

The easiest way to do it is to start by painting your nails a soft pink. Then, you should apply green nail polish to paint a thin, curved line very close to the tips. Finally, you just need to fill in the space with a red shade and add little black seeds here and there to end up with a stunning watermelon design.

Tropical sunset design

A tropical sunset manicure is also an exciting idea for a summer manicure. In fact, it is one of the most stunning ombre nail designs, as it captures the beauty of the summer sunsets we all love.

Although an ombre manicure can sound intimidating, it is truly approachable even if you don’t have much experience with nail art.

To do it successfully, you need to start by dabbing yellow, orange, and pink nail polish onto a makeup sponge. Then, you just need to dab the sponge on your nails carefully to create a tropical sunset design. Moreover, with a thin brush and a little bit of black nail polish, you can add palm tree silhouettes to give your manicure even more tropical vibes.

Minimalist daisy design

Delicate daisies are a charming but chic minimalist nail design that will also make your summer nails look fabulous.

To get it on your nails, you need to start by painting your nails with a pastel base color. Then, you should make use of a dotting tool or toothpick to create little daisy flowers and finish off with a clear topcoat to add a little bit of shine.

Neon ombre design

Finally, bold neon ombre designs are also a great idea for your summer manicure. You can achieve this effect by starting with a white base coat and then using a makeup sponge to dab on neon nail polish in gradient layers, just like in the tropical sunset design.

To finish it off, you should seal it with a topcoat to end up with a dazzling ombre effect.

As you can see, there are multiple stunning nail designs for your summer nails. Keep in mind that the summer season favors vivid colors and designs, so it is a perfect opportunity to test different colorful manicures.