Top 12 Richest Actors in the World 2022

Name of Actor


Net Worth


#1. Jerry Seinfeld 67 years old $1 Billion Hollywood
#2. Shah Rukh Khan 55 years old $750 Million Bollywood
#3. Tyler Perry 51 years old $750 Million Hollywood
#4. Tom Cruise 58 years old $550 Million Hollywood
#5. George Clooney 60 years old $500 Million Hollywood
#6. Jack Nicholson 84 years old $480 Million Hollywood
#7. Amitabh Bachchan 78 years old $450 Million Bollywood
#8. Johnny Depp 58 years old $450 Million Hollywood
#9. Mel Gibson 65 years old $425 Million Hollywood
#10. Sylvester Stallone 74 years old $400 Million Hollywood
#11. Tom Hanks 64 years old $400 Million Hollywood
#12. Clint Eastwood 91 years old $370 Million Hollywood

F?n? ?f f?lm ?t?r? ?r? ?lw??? ?nt?r??t?d ?n kn?w?ng th? n?t w?rth ?f th??r f?v?r?t? ?t?r? ?nd h?w th?? ?t??k u? ?n th? r??h l??t. ??ntr?r? t? ???ul?r ???n??n, t?? ?t?r? m?? n?t n??????r?l? b? ?n t?? ?f th? n?t w?rth l??t.

?ft?n, th??? ??t?r? wh? h?v? h?d ? l?ng?r run w?th m?r? f?lm? ?r? ?n t?? ?f th? l??t ?? ??m??r?d t? th??? wh? m?? b? hug?l? ???ul?r ??r??? th? w?rld, but f?r ? r?l?t?v?l? l??? ??r??d. ?h?? ?r? l?k? ? fl??h ?n th? ??n.

??r? ?? ? l??t ?f th? t?? tw?lv? w??lth???t ??t?r? ?n th? w?rld ?? ?f 2021.

#12. ?l?nt ???tw??d:

N?t W?rth – $370 ??ll??n

?n? ?f th? m??t f?m?u? ?f th? ??ll?w??d m?l? ?t?r?, ?l?nt?n ???tw??d w?? b?rn ?n ??? 31, 1930. ?? w?? kn?wn ?n?t??ll? f?r ?t?rr?ng ?n th? W??t?rn ??r??? ?n t?l?v????n, ??ll?d R?wh?d?. ?? b???m? kn?wn w?rldw?d? ?? th? t??m??t w??t?rn f?lm h?r?, ?n 1960’? wh?n h? ?l???d ?h? ??n W?th N? N?m? ?n D?ll?r’? tr?l?g? – ? F??tful ?f D?ll?r?, F?r ? F?w D?ll?r? ??r? ?nd ?h? G??d, ?h? ??d ?nd ?h? Ugl?. ?l?nt ???tw??d’? m??t m?m?r?bl? f?lm? w?r? th? D?rt? ??rr? ??r???. ?h? f?v? f?lm? w?r? r?l????d fr?m 1970 t? 1980 wh?r? h? ?l??? th? u?r?ght ??? ??rr? w?th th? un?rth?d?? w?? ?f w?rk?ng, wh??h m?d? h?m ?n ?nd??r?ng ?nd ?w???m? m?l? ???n.

?? h?? ?l?? ?????r?d ?n ??v?r?l f?lm? l?k? Wh?r? ??gl?? D?r?, ?v?r? Wh??h W?? ?ut L????, Unf?rg?v?n, ?????? Fr?m ?l??tr?z, F?r?b??, ??ghtr??? ?nd m?n? m?r?, wh??h h?d b??n tr?m?nd?u? b??-?ff??? ?u????? ?t?r???. ?? h?? ?l?? ?r?du??d ?nd d?r??t?d ??v?r?l m?v??? ?nd w?n ???d?m? ?w?rd? f?r ???t D?r??t?r ?nd ???t ???tur?. ?? h?? r????v?d mult??l? ???d?m? ?w?rd n?m?n?t??n? ?? ?n ??t?r. ?h? m?v?? ?m?r???n ?n???r r?l????d ?n 2014 w?? h?ghl? ???l??m?d b? ?r?t???, ?nd ?t br?k? ??v?r?l r???rd? ?t th? b?? ?ff???.

#11. ??m ??nk?

N?t W?rth – $400 ??ll??n

??m ??nk? ?? ? ???ul?r ?t?r wh? ?? kn?wn m?r? f?r h?? ??t?ng ?r?w??? th?n ?t?rd?m. ?? h?? r????v?d ??v?r?l ?w?rd? ?n r???gn?t??n ?f h?? ??t?ng t?l?nt? ?nd h?? r????d th? b?r ??n??d?r?bl?. ??? full n?m? ?? ?h?m?? ??ffr?? ??nk?, ?nd h? w?? b?rn ?n ?ul? 9, 1956. ??m? ?f h?? w?ll-kn?wn f?lm? wh??h w?ll b? r?m?mb?r?d f?r h?? dr?m?t?? ?b?l?t??? t? w?n ?r?t???l ???l??m ?r? ??l??h, ?urn?r & ????h, ?l???l??? ?n ???ttl?, ???ll? 13, Y?u’v? G?t ???l, ???t ?w?? ?nd m?n? m?r?. ?? h?? ?l?? ?t?rr?d ?n th? m?v??? wh??h w?r? ?d??t?d fr?m th? b??t-??ll?ng n?v?l? ?f D?n ?r?wn, wh?r? h? ?l??? R?b?rt L?ngd?n. ?? h?? ?l?? g?v?n h?? v???? t? th? t?? ?t?r? f?lm ??r??? wh?r? h? h?? v????d th? ?h?r??t?r, ?h?r?ff W??d?.

??? f?lm? h?v? ??ll??t?d m?r? th?n $9 b?ll??n ?t th? b?? ?ff???. ?? ?? th? f?urth h?gh??t-gr????ng ?t?r ?n ??ll?w??d. ?? h?? ?l?? h?l??d ??-?r?du?? f?v? f?lm? w?th ?t?v?n ????lb?rg, n?m?l? ??v?ng ?r?v?t? R??n wh??h w?? ???r????t?d w?d?l?. ?th?r f?lm? th?t ??m? ?ut ?f th?? ??ll?b?r?t??n w?r? ??t?h ?? ?f Y?u ??n, ?h? ??rm?n?l, ?r?dg? ?f ?????, ?nd ?h? ???t wh??h w?? r?l????d ?n 2017. ??nk? h?? w?n tw? ??n???ut?v? ???d?m? ?w?rd? ?nd G?ld?n Gl?b? ?w?rd? ?n 1993 ?nd 1994 f?r ?h?l?d?l?h?? ?nd F?rr??t Gum?. ?? h?? ?l?? w?n ??r??n ??t?r? Gu?ld ?w?rd, ????l?’? ?h???? ?w?rd? ?nd ?w?rd? fr?m ??F??; b???d?? ? L?g??n ?f ??n?r fr?m Fr?n??.

#10. ??lv??t?r ?t?ll?n?

N?t W?rth – $400 ??ll??n

??lv??t?r ?t?ll?n? wh? w?? th? ?t?r ?f R??k? ?nd R?mb? f?lm? ?? ?n? ?f th? m??t w?ll-kn?wn f???? ?n?wh?r? ?n th? w?rld. ?? w?? b?rn ?n ?ul? 6, 1946. ?? ?? n?t ?nl? ? ?u?????ful ??t?r but ?l?? ? f?lm ?r?du??r, wr?t?r, ?nd d?r??t?r. ??? ??v?n f?lm? ?n th? R??k? b???d ?n ?r?f?????n?l b???ng w?r? r?l????d fr?m 1976 t? 2015, ?nd ???h ?f th?m w?? ? m????v? b??-?ff??? ?u?????. ?? ?l?? ?t?rr?d ?? R?mb? ?n th? R?mb? ??r??? ?f f?lm? wh??h w?r? dur?ng 1982 ?nd 2008 ?nd th? f?ur m?v??? w?r? un?r???d?nt?d bl??kbu?t?r?. Fr?m 2010 t? 2014, h? ?t?rr?d ?n thr?? ‘?h? ????nd?bl??’ f?lm? wh??h w?r? ?g??n b?g h?t?.

?? ?? ?n? ?f th? h?gh??t-gr????ng ‘??t??n h?r?’ ?f ??ll?w??d. ?t ?? ?nt?r??t?ng t? kn?w th?t h? wr?t? m??t ?f th??? f?lm? ?nd ?l?? d?r??t?d ? f?w ?f th?m. ?? h?? ??rn?d ??v?r?l ????l?d?? f?r h?? ??rtr???l ?f R??k? wh??h ?n?lud?? h?? ?t?tu? ?n ?h?l?d?l?h?? ?nd h?? ?n?lu???n ?n th? ?nt?rn?t??n?l ????ng ??ll ?f F?m?. ?? h?? r????v?d G?ld?n Gl?b? ?w?rd? ?nd ??v?r?l ???d?m? ?w?rd n?m?n?t??n? f?r h?? ??r??n?l?? ?nd ??t?ng f?r th? R??k? ??r??? ?f f?lm?. ?? h?? ?l?? b??n n?m?n?t?d f?r ????l?’? ?h???? ?w?rd? ?nd th? ?r?t??h ???d?m? F?lm ?w?rd?.

?t?ll?n? ?l?? ?????r?d ?n th? 2017 f?lm Gu?rd??n? ?f th? G?l??? ?nd 2018 h? ?t?rr?d ?n ?????? ?l?n 2. ?n ?ff?h??t ?f h?? R??k? f?lm?, ?r??d w?? ?l?? ? ?u?????ful f?lm ?nd th? ??qu?l, ?r??d 2 ?? und?r ?r?du?t??n wh??h w?ll b? r?l????d ?n 2018. ??lv??t?r “R?mb?” ?t?ll?n? h?? ?lr??d? ?nn?un??d th? m?k?ng ?f th? f?fth R?mb? f?lm, R?mb? V, f?r wh??h h? h?? ?l?? wr?tt?n th? ??r??t. ?h?? m?v?? ?t?rr?ng h?m ?? l?k?l? t? b? r?l????d ?n 2019.

#9. ??l G?b??n

N?t w?rth – $425 ??ll??n

??l G?b??n w?? b?rn ?n ??nu?r? 3, 1956, ?n ?m?r??? but h? gr?w u? ?n ?u?tr?l??. ?? gr?du?t?d fr?m th? ?u?tr?l??n F?lm ?n?t?tut?. ?? ?? ? v?r? ???ul?r ??t??n h?r? ?ll ?v?r th? w?rld but ?? b??t kn?wn ?? ??? ?n h?? ??d ??? ??r??? ?f f?lm?. ?h? thr?? ??d ??? f?lm h?v? ?ll b??n bl??kbu?t?r h?t? ??r??? th? w?rld. ?? ?? ?l?? kn?wn f?r ??rtr???ng th? ??? ?n th? L?th?l W????n ??r??? ?f f?lm?.

??l G?b??n ?? ?l?? ? ?r?du??r ?nd d?r??t?r ?nd m?d? th? hug?l? ???ul?r ?r?v?h??rt ?n wh??h h? ?l?? ?t?rr?d. ?h?? 1995 f?lm w?n h?m tw? ???d?m? ?w?rd? f?r th? ???t D?r??t?r ?nd ???t ???tur?, b???d?? ? G?ld?n Gl?b? ?w?rd. ?n 2004 h? ?r?du??d ?h? ??????n ?f th? ?hr??t ?nd ?n 2006, ?????l??t?, wh??h w?? ?r?t???ll? ???l??m?d. ??? 2016 m?v?? ???k??w ?r?dg? g?v? h?m tw? ???d?m? ?w?rd? ?nd n?m?n?t??n ?n ??? ??t?g?r???.

#8. ??hnn? D???

N?t W?rth – $450 ??ll??n

??hnn? D??? ?? ??n??d?r?d ?n? ?f th? w?rld’? b?gg??t f?lm ?t?r?. ??? f?lm? h?v? gr????d m?r? th?n $8 b?ll??n w?rldw?d?, ?nd h?? m??t ?u?????ful f?lm? w?r? th? ??r?t?? ?f th? ??r?bb??n ??r???. ?? h?? w?rk?d ?n f?lm? l?k? ?dw?rd ??????rh?nd?, ?l???? ??ll?w, D?nn?? ?r????, ?l??k ????, ?l??? ?n W?nd?rl?nd, ?h?rl?? ?nd th? ?h???l?t? F??t?r?, ?h? ??ur??t, ?nd m?n? m?r? wh??h w?r? ? b?g ??mm?r???l ?u?????.

?? w?? b?rn ?n ?un? 9, 1963, ?nd b???m? ???ul?r ?? ? t??n ?d?l ?n th? t?l?v????n ??r??? ?f th? 1980?, 21 ?um? ?tr??t. ?? h?? w?n th? G?ld?n Gl?b? ?nd ??r??n ??t?r? Gu?ld ?w?rd? b???d?? g?tt?ng thr?? n?m?n?t??n? f?r th? ???d?m? ?w?rd?. ?? ?? th? ?nl? ??t?r t? h?v? b??n ?ndu?t?d ?? ? D??n?? l?g?nd. ?n 2012, h? w?? l??t?d ?n th? Gu?nn??? W?rld R???rd? ?? th? w?rld’? h?gh??t-???d ??t?r, wh?n h? r????v?d $75 m?ll??n f?r ??r?t?? ?f th? ??r?bb??n – ?h? ?ur?? ?f th? ?l??k ???rl.

#7. ?m?t?bh ???h?h?n

N?t W?rth – $450 ??ll??n

?m?t?bh ???h?h?n ?? th? gr??t??t ?t?r ?f ??ll?w??d ?r th? ??nd? ??n?m?. ?? w?? b?rn ?n ??t?b?r 11, 1942, ?nd m?d? h?? ??t?ng d?but ?n f?lm? ?n 1969 w?th ???t ??ndu?t?n?. ?h?r? w?? n?v?r ?n? ??t?r ?n ?nd??n ??n?m? wh? h?ld ?? mu?h ?t?r ??w?r ?nd ?l?ut. ?? ?? ?l?? ??ll?d th? ??g ?, ??n??r ???h?h?n, ?h?h?n?h?h ?f ??ll?w??d, ?t?r ?f th? ??ll?nn?um, ?nd m?n? m?r? ?u?h ???th?t?.

?t th? ???k ?f h?? ??r??r, ?t w?? ???d th?t ?b?ut f?ur-f?fth? ?f th? ?nd??n f?lm ?ndu?tr? r?d? ?n h?? ?h?uld?r?. ?? w?? ??ll?d th? ?n?-??r??n ?ndu?tr?. ?? ?? ?l?? ? t?? dr?w?ng t?l?v????n h??t ?nd th? ?n? wh? ?nd?r??? ?nd ?????r? ?n th? l?rg??t numb?r ?f ?r?du?t? ?n ?nd??. ?? w?? m??t ???ul?r dur?ng th? 1970? wh?n h? w?? kn?wn ?? th? ?ngr? Y?ung ??n ?nd ?nflu?n??d th? ?nd??n ??mm?r???l ??n?m? ?n ? w?? n? ?n? h?? ?v?r d?n?. Dur?ng th?? ??r??d h? ?t?rr?d ?n f?lm? l?k? Z?n???r, D??w??r, ???b??r, ?h?l??, ?m?r ?kb?r ?nth?n?, ??bh? ??bh?, ?r??hul ?nd m?n? m?r?, wh??h ??rv? ?? ? m?l??t?n? f?r ?nd??n ??n?m?.

?h?r? ?? ? l?ng l??t ?f th? f?lm? ?n wh??h h? h?? ?t?rr?d, ?nd h?? ??rf?rm?n?? ?n ?lm??t ?ll h?? f?lm? h?v? b??n ???r????t?d, d????t? h?w th? f?lm h?? f?r?d ??mm?r???ll?. ?m?t?bh ???h?h?n h?? w?n 15 F?lmf?r? ?w?rd? ?nd h?? b??n n?m?n?t?d 41 t?m??. ?? h?? w?n ??v?r?l ?th?r ?w?rd? ?n?lud?ng th? N?t??n?l F?lm ?w?rd? 4 t?m??. ?? h?? ?l?? d?bbl?d ?u?????full? ?n ?l??b??k ??ng?ng ?nd n?t??n?l ??l?t???. ?? h?? ?l?? ??t?d ?n th? ??ll?w??d m?v??, ?h? Gr??t G?t?b?.

?? ? ?V h??t, h? h?? ?r??t?d h??t?r? w?th th? g?m? ?h?w ??un ??n?g? ?r?r???t? wh??h ?? th? ?nd??n v?r???n ?f Wh? W?nt? ?? ?? ? ??ll??n??r?, th? ?nt?rn?t??n?ll? ???ul?r ?V ?h?w. ?? h?? b??n h?n?r?d b? th? G?v?rnm?nt ?f ?nd?? w?th ?ll th? t?? ??v?l??n h?n?r? l?k? ??dm? ?hr?, th? ??dm? ?hu?h?n, ?nd th? ??dm? V?bhu?h?n. ?h? G?v?rnm?nt ?f Fr?n?? h?? ?l?? h?n?r?d h?m w?th ?n?ght ?f th? L?g??n ?f ??n?ur.

#6. ???k N??h?l??n

N?t W?rth – $480 ??ll??n

???k N??h?l??n ?? ?n ??t?r wh? h?? b??n ??rf?rm?ng f?r th? l??t ???t? ???r?. ?? w?? b?rn b?f?r? th? ????nd W?rld W?r ?t?rt?d, th?t ??, ?n th? ???r 1937. ?? h?? ?l???d ? w?d? ????trum ?f ?h?r??t?r? ?n ??r??n. ??? f?lm ?n? Fl?w ?v?r th? ?u?k??’? N??t r?l????d ?n 1975 w?n ?r?t???l ???l??m ?ll ?v?r th? w?rld. ??? ?th?r w?ll kn?wn ??rl? f?lm? w?r? ???? R?d?r, F?v? ???? ??????, ?h? L??t D?t??l, ??rm? ?f ?nd??rm?nt, ?? G??d ?? ?t G?t? ?nd m?n? m?r?. ?? ?????r?d ?n th? h?rr?r m?v?? ?h? ?h?n?ng ?nd ? f?nt??? ??m?d? ?h? W?t?h?? ?f ???tw??k.

?? ?l???d th? m??n v?ll??n th? ??k?r ?n th? f?lm ??tm?n ?n 1989. ?? ?l?? ??t?d ?n ? F?w G??d ??n, W?lf, ??r? ?tt??k?!, ?ng?r ??n?g?m?nt, ??m?th?ng’? G?tt? G?v? ?nd m?n? m?r?. ???k N??h?l??n h?? g?t th? ???d?m? ?w?rd thr?? t?m?? ?nd h?? b??n n?m?n?t?d 12 t?m??. ?? h?? ?l?? w?n 6 G?ld?n Gl?b? ?w?rd?. ?? h?? ?l?? b??n h?n?r?d w?th th? L?f?t?m? ??h??v?m?nt ?w?rd b? th? ?m?r???n F?lm ?n?t?tut?.

#5. G??rg? ?l??n??

N?t W?rth – $500 ??ll??n

G??rg? ?l??n?? ?? ?n? ?f th? m??t ???ul?r ??t?r? ?f ??ll?w??d wh? ?? ?l?? ? d?r??t?r, ?r?du??r, ?nd ??r??nwr?t?r. ?? h?? r????v?d tw? ???d?m? ?w?rd? ?nd thr?? G?ld?n Gl?b? ?w?rd?. ?l??n?? w?? b?rn ?n ??? 6, 1961, ?nd m?d? h?? ??t?ng d?but ?n 1978 ?n t?l?v????n. Dur?ng 1994 t? 1999, h? w?? v?r? ???ul?r f?r h?? r?l? ?? Dr. D?ug R??? ?n th? m?d???l dr?m? ?V ??r??? ?R ?nd g?t tw? ?mm? ?w?rd n?m?n?t??n?. Dur?ng th?? t?m?, h? ?t?rr?d ?n th? f?lm ??tm?n ?nd R?b?n wh??h m?d? h?m ? ??ll?w??d ?t?r.

?? ?l?? w?rk?d ?n m?n? ???l??m?d m?v??? ?ut ?f ??ght ?nd ?hr?? ??ng?. ?l??n?? b???m? m?r? ???ul?r ?r?und th? w?rld w?th th? r?l???? ?f ????n’? ?l?v?n ?n 2001. ?? h?? d?r??t?d ? f?w m?v??? l?k? ??nf?????n? ?f ? D?ng?r?u? ??nd, G??d N?ght, ?nd G??d Lu?k, L??th?rh??d?, ?h? ?d?? ?f ??r?h ?nd ?h? ??num?nt? ??n. ?? r????v?d th? ???d?m? ?w?rd f?r ???t ???tur? f?r ?rg?. ?? h?? w?rk?d f?r ??v?r?l hum?n?t?r??n ??u??? ??r??? th? w?rld. ??? w?f? ?? ? w?ll-kn?wn ?r?t??h hum?n r?ght? l?w??r ?m?l ?l??n??.

#4. ??m ?ru???

N?t W?rth – $550 ??ll??n

??m ?ru??? ?? ?n? ?f th? w?rld’? m??t r???gn?z?bl? f???? ?nd ?n? ?f th? m??t ???ul?r ??t?r? ?n th? w?rld. ??rn ?n ?ul? 3, 1962, h? b?g?n h?? ??r??r w?th th? m?v?? ?ndl??? L?v?; but h? w?? n?t???d b? ?ll ?n th? f?lm ??? Gun. ?? w?? ???r????t?d ?n ?h? R??nm?n wh??h ?l?? ?t?rr?d Du?t?n ??ffm?n. ?? h?? w?rk?d ?n m?n? m?r? ?u?????ful m?v??? l?k? F?urth ?f ?ul?, ??rr? ??gu?r?, ??n?r?t? R???rt ?nd m?n? m?r?. ??w?v?r, wh?t br?ught h?m w?rldw?d? f?m? w?? h?? r?l? ?? ? ??m?? ??nd-t??? ??? ?n th? ??????n ?m?????bl? f?lm? ??r???. ?h??? f?lm? w?r? w?rldw?d? ?u??????? ?nd br?k? ??v?r?l b??-?ff??? r???rd?.

?h? ???th ?nd th? l?t??t, ??????n: ?m?????bl? – F?ll?ut, w?ll b? r?l????d th?? ???r. ?? w?ll ?l?? r??r??? ?n? ?f h?? m??t ?u?????ful ??? Gun r?l? ?n ??? Gun: ??v?r??k, wh??h ?? ?n th? m?k?ng. ??m ?ru??? h?? w?n th? G?ld?n Gl?b? ?w?rd? thr??? ?nd h?? b??n n?m?n?t?d thr??? f?r th? ???d?m? ?w?rd?. ?? h?? b??n v?t?d ?? th? m??t h?nd??m? ??r??n ?n th? w?rld. ?? h?? b??n ?r?d?t?d ?? ??ll?w??d’? h?gh??t-???d ??t?r, ?nd m?r? th?n 20 ?f h?? f?lm? h?v? gr????d m?r? th?n $200 m?ll??n. ??? f?lm? h?v? gr????d $9 b?ll??n, ?nd h? ?? ?n? ?f th? t??-gr????ng ??t?r? ?n th? w?rld.

#3. ??l?r ??rr?

N?t W?rth – $750 ??ll??n

??l?r ??rr? ?? ?n ??t?r, ?l??wr?ght, ?nd f?lmm?k?r wh? w?? l??t?d b? F?rb?? ?? th? h?gh??t-???d ??l?br?t? ?n ?nt?rt??nm?nt. ?h?? w?? ?lm??t ??ght ???r? b??k ?n 2011 wh?n h?? ?nnu?l ??rn?ng w?? $130 m?ll??n. ?? ?t?rt?d ??rn?ng ?r?und U?$75 m?ll??n ?n 2008. ??l?r ??rr? w?? b?rn ?n ???t?mb?r 13, 1969. ??rr? h?? wr?tt?n ?nd ?r?du??d ?t?g? ?l??? fr?m th? 1990? t? th? 2000?. ?? h?? ?r??t?d ? t?ugh ?ld?rl? bl??k w?m?n ?h?r??t?r ??ll?d ??d??. ??? f?lm? ?r? m?d? fr?m f?lm?ng th? l?v? ?t?g? ?l???. L?t?r m?n? ?f th??? w?r? m?d? ?nt? full-fl?dg?d f?lm?.

??rr? h?? d?v?l???d ??v?r?l t?l?v????n ??r???, ?n?lud?ng ??l?r ??rr?’? ??u?? ?f ???n? th?t r?n f?r ??ght ?????n? t?ll 2012. ?h?t ???r h? g?t ?n ???lu??v? mult?-???r ??rtn?r?h?? w?th ??r?h W?nfr?? ?nd h?r ??r?h W?nfr?? N?tw?rk ?r ?WN. ?? h?? ?l?? ?r??t?d mult??l? ??r??t?d ??r??? f?r ?WN wh??h ?n?lud? th? mu?h-??l?br?t?d ?h?w, ?h? ??v??, ?nd th? ??v? N?t?. ??? l?t??t ??h??v?m?nt ?? ? d??l w?th V????m f?r 90 ?????d?? ??r ???r ?f ?r?g?n?l dr?m?; wh??h w?ll b?g?n ?n 2019, ?n?? h?? ?gr??m?nt w?th ??r?h g?t? ?v?r. L?k? ??r?h, h? ?? ?n? ?f th? r??h??t ??l?br?t???; ?nd w?th ? n?t w?rth ?f $750 m?ll??n, ??t? ??mf?rt?bl? ?n th? ????nd ???t ?f th? r??h??t ??t?r? l??t.

#2. ?h?h Rukh ?h?n

N?t W?rth – $750 ??ll??n

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N?t W?rth – $1 ??ll??n

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