Tips to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Before committing to any plastic surgery, it is important to be well-informed and prepared. A consultation with a surgeon is the best way to do that. To ensure a patient gets the most out of their consultation and is comfortable deciding on the surgery, here are tips to prepare for a plastic surgery consultation.

Research about the Surgeon Ahead of Time

One essential tip before a patient prepares for plastic surgery consultation is to research the surgeon. While researching, verify their credentials. This will ensure the surgeon is board certified, has the necessary training and experience, and specializes in the procedure the patient would like to have performed.

A potential surgeon’s portfolio gives patients an idea of their work and what results to expect. Dr. Racanelli is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He has performed many procedures and has helped patients achieve their desired results. Be sure to see locations page to find a nearby clinic.

Come with Questions

Before scheduling a plastic surgery consultation, be prepared with questions. Making a list and writing down each question beforehand helps ensure all topics are addressed and all necessary information is given.

Being well-prepared allows a patient to understand the procedure, risks, and expected outcomes. Research beforehand is highly recommended, but coming up with questions will provide the opportunity to get answers tailored specifically to their concerns or goals.

Get the Entire Medical Records Ready

Before the plastic surgery consultation, ensure all medical records are available. This will allow the surgeon to understand a personal medical history comprehensively, as any underlying health issues may require additional considerations when deciding on the appropriate procedure(s) and length of recovery time needed. Furthermore, having copies ready beforehand makes for a more efficient visit, meaning an individual won’t have to wait in the office while vital information is retrieved.

If you haven’t gotten your blood tests done recently, find blood work near you and run some routine tests (CBC, CMP, and thyroid hormones are a good place to start). This will provide you and your doctor with the most up-to-date information on your health status before making any decisions.

Understand What Results Can Be Expected

Understanding what will be expected is important to remember when preparing for a plastic surgery consultation. Instead of walking into the appointment blindly, it’s beneficial to research possible results ahead of time and ensure the expectations are realistic.

Every individual is unique, and therefore the result of a procedure may vary from person to person, so familiarity with the range of outcomes is key in forming own expectations. Gathering information before visiting the physician will ensure a satisfactory outcome from the procedure.

Get Finances in Order

Finances are an important tip to consider when preparing for a plastic surgery consultation. Depending on the type of procedure, the costs associated with plastic surgery will range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it’s wise to assess the financial standing and ensure a patient is in the best position possible before beginning the journey into cosmetic enhancement. Note all potential costs, such as anesthesia fees and any additional charges, that may occur throughout the process.

Go with an Open Mind

Walking into the plastic surgery consultation might be nerve-wracking, but it is important to approach it with an open mind to get the best result. Going with an open mind allows patients to discuss all possibilities about what kind of outcome they want without prejudice. It also allows honest and open communication between the patient and the plastic surgeon, allowing both to devise a plan that works best for the patient. Remember to avoid going into a consultation with any preconceived notions to get the most accurate consultation possible.

Take Someone Along

Another tip for a better plastic surgery consultation is to take someone along. Having another person there will provide a more objective opinion, help ask questions, and keep a patient from feeling overwhelmed during the appointment.

Not only will this add a layer of comfort, but having someone else in the room will make the entire experience more enjoyable and meaningful. This extra support system will be essential when important decisions are being made, as it is always easier to make decisions with a trusted friend or family member on their side.

Ultimately, before the plastic surgery consultation, consider these tips for a comfortable and successful meeting. Research the procedure being considered and prepare a list of questions for the surgeon. Book the appointment early in the day, and discuss any medical conditions a person may have during the consultation. Also, dress appropriately and come to the consultation with realistic expectations regarding the surgery results. With some extra preparation and thoughtful consideration, the plastic surgery consultation can go smoothly, leaving the patient confident and ready to decide whether they are ready for plastic surgery.