Oh, how fun and entertaining Hollywood can be, even without Judith Regan’s ego to keep serotonin levels up. With Brad Pitt off galavanting with Angelina Jolie in Europe, Africa and Asia, it’s now Jennifer Aniston’s leaf-turning turn — and Vince Vaughn seems just the guy. Two professional matchmakers have already picked Vaughn, describing him with superlatives ranging from “funny” and “secure and high-profile” to “stable” and “sexy and playful.” And even their current connection — co-starring in a 2006 Universal movie — connects the dots. Filming began this month and the tabloids are already romantically connecting The Wedding Crasher to The Good Girl. The picture’s title? The Break-Up. Yes, for real.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve often wanted to rip New York Times op-ed bobo David Brooks a new one, but were too busy podcasting the Duct Tape festival. Luckily, the good people at Me Three have done it for us and today take Brooksie to task for, among many, many other things, his receding hairline, his taste in shirts, and his poor facility with basic grammar. Oh, and for his asinine columns, too.


• Leaving his legal woes, screaming fans and a career-stained D.A. behind, Michael Jackson is preparing to beat it to Europe as early as next week. His handlers are readying the pond jump, though Jackson wouldn’t exactly be leaving behind his Neverland ranch since he’s been spending much of his time at a $400 per night suite at the Santa Ynez Inn and may have split for the Four Seasons or Hilton in Beverly Hills last night. No confirmation yet on whether he’ll pop up at a Live 8 concert, but that red string bracelet he’s been sporting might give us a hint: Every other Kabbalah celeb donning one won’t stay off our TV screens. [Fox 411]

• It’s been a rough week for Lindsay Lohan. When she’s not spending the night juggling friendships with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, she’s running into her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal locking lips with ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst (who, meanwhile, claims they’re “just friends”). Of course her natural response was to flip out her Sidekick and text her gaggle of girls about the randy run-in. [The Insider]

• Kirstie Alley’s fictional object of lust, Kid Rock, is looking at a $575,000 lawsuit from a DJ who claims the “Cocky” rocker punched him at a strip joint in Tennessee in February. You get in the way of Kid and his boobies, you’re likely to get smacked. Not so hard to understand. [AP]

• Sandra Bullock is betting she’ll beat the Spederline and Bennifer overexposure curse that celeb weddings in Santa Barbara always ensure. She’s planning July 16 nuptials to musician boyfriend Jesse James, and we can thank Us Weekly’s report should they cancel or elope.