If you’re looking for a way to remember your fondest memories of the Michael Jackson trial, have no fear. In support of the King of Pop, dedicated fans are buying (and selling) ghostly white wristbands engraved with the words “Truth.Justice.Michael.” The band that equates Michael with the principles of honesty and integrity has been so popular that it sold out. Fortunately, for those of you who still Beat It to MJ, a new bracelet has come along. The “MJJ=Innocent” band is a bold way of saying “Hey, I always bet on a dark horse.”

Maybe you’re still on the fence about MJ. Luckily, Livestrong-style bracelets are now available for dozens of causes — charitable and otherwise. (See here and here.) For example, let everyone know you’re up on your pop culture with a “That’s Hot” pink band. From a distance you’ll be supporting breast cancer but up close your true devotion to The Simple Life will shine. Or perhaps instead of living strong you’d rather “LIVEPURE,” one in a series of religious bands. Now that trucker hats are out and support bands are in, you can sport a “Jesus is my homie” band, a “100% Catholic” band, or, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, an “I Love Jesus, Jesus Loves Me” band.

From “I Love Fishing” to “I Love Hunting,” there’s a countless number of bands to show your support for virtually everything unimportant. So live strong: let us all know that if it’s between Tsunami relief and “Red Sox Nation,” you’re sticking with Boston.


• In a desperate bid to ensure that his child endures as much playground ridicule as he did, Penn Jilette, of the comedy duo Penn and Teller, has christened his newborn daughter “Moxie CrimeFighter Jilette.” As is his wont, Teller not only refused to comment, but refused to say “no comment.” [Chicago Tribune]

• Attention all kids who think they’re cool: the new White Stripes record is on sale today. Attention all kids who know they’re uncool: the new Coldplay record is on sale today. [NME]

• Remember that time Chris O’Donnell played Ernest Hemingway in a movie? Remember thinking that you couldn’t possibly miscast Hemmingway more severely? You were wrong. According to Variety, thin-lipped wisp of a man Leo DiCaprio is on tap to star in an adaptation of For Whom the Bell Tolls. [KillerMovies]

• Will Smith and Nic Cage are co-producing and starring in an untitled family comedy, in which both men will play patriarchs who discover they have to share a time share. Apparently, it’s more fun to suck together than to suck alone. [MTV]

• All Brangelina, all the time: Brad says he wants less attention and wants the press to focus on “humanitarian crises,” Angelina hates Ann Curry, Angelina won’t discuss her personal life with reporters, and 60 pages in the upcoming issue of W will be devoted to photos of the couple. Oy, when will the madness end? When Angelina quits Hollywood perhaps?