The 6 Things You Need for a Blackout and the Devices That Help

Blackouts are never ideal, but thankfully technology has come to save the day. There are numerous devices and gadgets at our disposal that can make power outages easier to deal with. If you aren’t sure what we’re referring to, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through it! Continue reading to see six of our top recommendations.

Alternative Power Sources

By far the most frustrating part of any blackout is the sudden loss of power to all of your usual appliances. All at once, the devices you’re used to using every day are out of action. A backup power generator is the ideal power outage or load shedding solution, keeping your other devices and appliances powered up even when the grid is down.

Sufficient Lighting Replacements

A handy, battery-powered flashlight is a great solution to blackout darkness in theory, but in practice, the story is a little different. One flashlight isn’t going to illuminate your entire home, and certainly won’t be enough to keep each member of the household satisfied. Investing in multiple rechargeable and easily portable light sources is the superior way forward.

Temperature Regulation

Depending on where you are in the world, your house is going to go one of two ways during a blackout: it’s either going to get really cold, or really hot. Neither are ideal, so it’s vital that you have a solution on hand to bring temperatures back to normal.

If your home is too cold, portable space heaters can make a significant difference. Likewise, portable fans or coolers can help with a house that’s too hot. Your needs may differ based on the season, so consider investing in a solution for both.

Communication Devices

Information can change very quickly during a blackout and you need to stay in the loop at all times. While a smartphone is a good all-in-one solution for this (as you can receive information as well as transmit), investing in an additional radio could make life a lot easier, too. You’ll want to stay tuned for important updates as the power outage unfolds.


There’s no telling how long a blackout could last. Focusing on this fact will only frustrate you further, so you need to pack in some fun distractions to endure the power outage in its entirety. This is especially true if you’re a family with young children. Although boredom isn’t alwaysa bad thing, it can quickly add to your frustration during a blackout.

Thankfully, there are numerous devices you can invest in to make the time pass quicker. Game consoles, tablets, and even your cellphone can all act as pastimes. If all else fails, whip out a board game. Get creative!

If You Stay Ready, You Don’t Have to Get Ready

Preparing for how you’ll respond to a blackout ahead of time will make living through it far easier, and there are numerous gadgets out there to assist with this. You merely need to know where to look. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start getting ready; take steps today.