Styling Tips: How to Add Volume to Your Flat Hair

Are you tired of dealing with flat hair? The typical American woman spends over $55,000 on hair products and treatments during her life. Even if you aren’t spending that much on hair care, you may feel motivated to do something if you’re not happy with your current look.

Flat hair can make you feel flat. But you don’t have to let it define you. Read on to learn some styling tips to help add volume to your style!

Try Adding Layers

When it comes to style tricks, a good one is to introduce some layers to your hairstyle. For those who have thin or fine hair, adding a few layers can play up the sense of body. Similarly, introducing side-swept bangs can be another way to create more volume when your hair feels flat.

Layers can help soften your face, too. And the more often you get your hair trimmed, the better. The act of trimming helps your hair’s health and can create more fullness over time.

A skilled stylist will be able to know how many layers to add to enhance volume. In some cases, going overboard with layers actually can make hair look thinner. You might end up without a defined shape!

Go with a Shorter Do

If you’re open to trying a new style, go with a shorter one. You’ll want to entrust a significant hairstyle change to a professional stylist, as they will know how to create the most flattering look for your face shape.

Aim to keep your hair’s length higher than your collarbone for the ultimate sense of volume. A cut that is slightly longer in the front than the back can be flattering. Likewise, going with a bob is a safe volumizing choice for most people.

And if you’re feeling bold, consider a pixie cut. These short cuts tend to involve multiple choppy layers that can create a boost if your hair is feeling flat.

Change Your Part Line

If you’ve been sporting the same part line for many years, make a change. Over time, the same predictable part line can lead to flatter hair.

So, if you’ve been going with a part on the left side of your head, switch it to the right side. Or move it to the middle. This simple trick can help create instant volume.

It may take a little time for your hair to lay exactly as you want it to. When you’re switching to a new part, grab some volumizing hair products and apply them, as well. You’ll start to see more lift!

Use Better Style Products

While it’s tempting to grab the cheapest shampoo and lather up, your hair will be better off if you go for better products. This means reaching for both shampoos and conditioners that can help increase the volume of your hair.

In addition to using shampoos and conditioners that are intended for people with flat or thin hair, upgrade your style products, too. For instance, you should invest in a good mousse. Applying mousse before you blow dry your hair can enhance the volume quickly.

You may also be overdoing it with shampoo and conditioner if your hair is feeling flat. Especially if you’re always rushing through a morning shower, you might not be rinsing everything out thoroughly. This build-up can cause your hair to look flat and heavy.

Master the Art of Blow-Drying

Do you normally let your hair air dry? Or if you use a blow dryer, are you doing it quickly while staring into the mirror? If either of these questions applies to you, it’s time to make some changes to achieve more hair volume.

One of the easiest styling tricks is to blow-dry your hair upside down. You might feel awkward dipping your head as you blow it dry, but you’ll see the difference. That’s because blow-drying upside down helps to create more elevation at the roots of your hair.

As you use the blow dryer, use a round brush to lift your hair from the roots. Try to position the blow dryer so it is underneath your hair, too, for maximum lift.

When you’re almost done drying your hair, switch the setting to cooler air. Use this to finish the job and create a sleek, volumized look before you head out the door for the day.

You also can try a volumizing hair iron. You can use the iron to add volume to different sections of your hair simply by clamping the iron on your hair for a few seconds. You’ll end up with volumized hair that will last for several days.

Make Dietary Changes

As another pathway to better hair, change your diet. Consider adding supplements with vitamins and minerals. You may notice your hair feels thicker and looks shinier, especially if you haven’t been getting enough Vitamin B or C.

You can try eating more fish, which provides omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats can make your hair fuller and promote hair growth. Your hair and skin will also feel more hydrated.

Other good options include eggs and protein-heavy foods. Inserting more omelets and lean proteins into your diet can help fortify your hair with biotin, zinc, and other vital nutrients.

Follow These Styling Tips

When you follow these styling tips, you open the door to improved volume in your hair. Reach for better-quality products and master the art of blow-drying your hair. You also can look into going with a shorter or more layered hairstyle to help reduce flatness in your hair.

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