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CrashPlan Backup | University IT

Managing Devices in CrashPlan – University IT

Deactivating a device (computer) from within the CrashPlan web console.

How CrashPlan Works | University IT

CrashPlan Support | University IT

CrashPlan is designed to be self-service. You can manage your backups, restore …

Installing, Uninstalling, or Reinstalling CrashPlan – Stanford University

CrashPlan Configuration | University IT

FAQ: Digital Device Security at the School of Medicine

The School of Medicine is dedicated to encrypting all Stanford-owned computers … Do I have to use the School’s data backup software (Code42/CrashPlan)?.

Crashplan | Office of Innovation & Technology – Stanford University

CrashPlan is a backup software that allows Windows, Mac, and Linux users to back up their data to Stanford’s CrashPlan backup server.

Code42 CrashPlan Rebrands to CrashPlan – Stanford University

Code42 Mac Installler – Information Security – Stanford Medicine

Username: (Do NOT use your preferred alias or email). Server address: 1. Complete the username and server …

How to keep CrashPlan from disrupting your home network

Protecting Stanford data is a requirement for endpoint compliance; the central CrashPlan offering is the recommended solution.

Ordering, Billing, and Deploying CrashPlan – University IT

CrashPlan Limitations and Considerations – University IT

CrashPlan File Exclusions – University IT

CrashPlan Archive Key Password – University IT