Roger Federer Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Tennis Career & Net Worth in 2022

Celebrated Name: Roger Federer
Real Name/Full Name: Roger Federer
Parents: Father: Robert Federer (Swiss-German) Mother: Lynette (South African)
Age: 39 years old
Birth Date: 8 August 1981
Dead or Alive: He is Alive and Kicking, Not Dead.
Birthplace: Basel, Switzerland
Education: Attended tennis training centers in Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss, South African
Ethnicity: Mixed (Swiss-German and Afrikaner)
Religion: Catholic/Believe in God
Height: In centimeters- 186 cm
In meters- 1.86 m
In Feet Inches- 6’1”
Weight: In Kilograms – 85 kg
In lbs – 187 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Famous For: Playing Tennis
Profession: Swiss professional tennis player
Net Worth: $500 Million
Last Updated: 27th July 2021

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R?g?r F?d?r?r w?? b?rn t? ? ?w???-G?rm?n f?th?r, R?b?rt ?nd ?fr?k?n?r m?th?r, L?nn?tt? F?d?r?r. ??? d?t? ?f b?rth ?? 8th ?ugu?t 1981, ?nd h?? b?rth?l??? ?? ????l, ?w?tz?rl?nd. ?? h?? ?n ?ld?r ??bl?ng, ? ???t?r, D??n?, ? m?th?r ?f tw?n?. R?g?r F?d?r?r h?ld? th? ??t?z?n?h?? ?f b?th th? ??untr???, ?w??? ?nd ??uth ?fr???.

R?g?r’? n?t?v? l?ngu?g? ?? ?w??? G?rm?n, but h? ?l?? ????k? ?t?nd?rd G?rm?n, Fr?n?h, ?nd ?ngl??h, flu?ntl?. ?? gr?w u? n??r Fr?n?h ?nd G?rm?n b?rd?r?. ?? w?? ? b?ll b?? ?t th? ?w??? ?nd??r?, ????l t?urn?m?nt ?n 1992 ?nd 1993. R?g?r F?d?r?r ?l???d ? w?d? r?ng? ?f ???rt? ?n h?? ?h?ldh??d ?nd ?ttr?but?d h?? h?nd-??? ???rd?n?t??n t? th? ????r??n?? h? g??n?d ?n h?? ??rl? d???. R?g?r F?d?r?r l?ft ?ll ?th?r g?m?? ?t th? ?g? ?f 12 t? f??u? ?n t?nn??.

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?? ?f 27th ?ul? 2021, R?g?r F?d?r?r ?? 39 ???r? ?ld ?nd h? ?? ?l?v? ?nd k??k?ng, n?t d??d. ?? ?? 1.86 m t?ll ?nd h?? ? b?d? w??ght ?f 85 kg. ??? b?d? t??? ?? ?thl?t??.

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R?g?r F?d?r?r m?rr??d t? ? f?rm?r ?r?f?????n?l t?nn?? ?l???r ‘??rk? V?vr?n??’ ?n 2009. ?h?? ?r? ?r?ud ??r?nt? ?f tw?n g?rl?, ??l? ?nd ?h?rl?n?. ?nd ?l?? ? ??t ?f tw?n b???, L?? ?nd L?nn?. ?h? f?m?l? l?v?? ?n ??ttm?ng?n, ?w?tz?rl?nd.

Relationship Statistics

What is Roger Federer marital status? Is he married/divorced/single or in a relationship? Married
Does he have any relationship affair? No
Who is he Dating in 2021? Name of Girlfriend: N/A
Who is his current wife in 2021? (Name) Mirka Federer (m. 2009)
Who is his Ex-Spouse(s)?? (Name) N/A
Does he have any children? Yes ( Myla Rose Federer, Lenny Federer, Charlene Riva Federer, Leo Federer)

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Fr?m th? ???r 2004 t? 2008, h? r?t??n?d h?? N?. 1 r?nk?ng. Fr?m 2005 t? 2008 h? w?? ?l?? n?m?d th? L?ur?u? W?rld ???rt?m?n ?f th? Y??r. 2008 w?? ? t?ugh ???r f?r R?g?r ?? h? l??t ?n th? Fr?n?h ???n ?nd W?mbl?d?n, ?nd ?v?n ?t th? ?u?tr?l??n ???n. F?r th? f?r?t t?m? ?n f?ur ???r?, h? ?l????d t? N?.2 ?ft?r th??. ?ut ???n, h? r?g??n?d N?.1 ?g??n ?n 2009 w?nn?ng ??v?r?l t?urn?m?nt?. ??? m??t r???nt v??t?r? w?? ?t th? ?u?tr?l??n ???n ?n ??nu?r? 2018, wh?r? h? d?f??t?d ??l?? ?g??n ?nd m?d? ? r???rd ?f 20 Gr?nd ?l?m ??ngl?? ?h?m???n?h???.

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?? w?n ???W?rld??ur.??m F?n’? F?v?r?t? ?w?rd? 15 t?m?? fr?m th? ???r 2013 t? 2017.

R?g?r F?d?r?r w?? ??F W?rld ?h?m???n fr?m 2004 t? 2007, & 2009.

?? w?n ?rthur ??h? ?um?n?t?r??n ?f th? Y??r ?w?rd tw? t?m??, ?n 2006 & 2013.

?? h?? b??n th? L?ur?u? W?rld ???rt?m?n ?f th? Y??r fr?m 2005 t? 2008 & ?n 2018.

?ft?r h?? ??m?b??k fr?m th? ?n?ur? ?n 2017, h? w?n ?h? L?ur?u? W?rld ??m?b??k ?f th? Y??r.

R?g?r F?d?r?r ?? ?l?? kn?wn b? m?n? m?n?k?r? l?k? F?d?r?r ???r???, “F?d??,” ” F?d ???r???” “?w??? ????tr?” ?nd “????tr?.”

R?g?r F?d?r?r N?t W?rth, ??l?r? & ?n??m? ?n 2021

R?g?r F?d?r?r N?t W?rth, ?m?g? ??ur??: ??utub?.??m
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R?g?r F?d?r?r ?wn? thr?? h?u???: ?n? l?v??h ???rtm?nt ?? ?n Dub??, ? ?r?? ?urv? V?ll? ?n ?w??? v?ll?g? ?f V?lb?ll?, ?nd ? l?k???d? ??nth?u?? ?n W?ll?r?u, ??uth ?f Zur??h, ?w?tz?rl?nd. ?? ?f h?? ??r ??ll??t??n, h? ?wn? ?n? ??r??d?? ??nz ?L? ??G R??d?t?r.

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?v?r th? ???r?, R?g?r h?? ??t?bl??h?d h?m??lf ?? th? k?ng ?f t?nn??. ??? ??r??n?l?t? ?nd tr??t? ?f b??ng ?m?z?ng ?t b?th h?? ?r?f?????n?l ?nd ??r??n?l l?f? h?v? m?d? h?m ?n und?f??t?bl? l?g?nd.

??r? ?r? ??m? ?ntr?gu?ng f??t? ?b?ut th? t?nn?? ???n!

1) R?g?r l?ft h?? ?du??t??n ?t th? ?g? ?f 16 t? ?l?? ???rt?.

2) R?g?r F?d?r?r w?? ? v?g?n t?ll th? ?g? ?f 14, but l?t?r f?und ?nt?r??t ?n n?n-v?g.

3) ????rd?ng t? R?g?r, m?n ???nd m?r? t?m? ?n th? f??ld, ?nd ?h?uld b? ???d m?r? th?n f?m?l??!

4) ?h?r? ?? ? ?tr??t n?m?d “R?g?r F?d?r?r ?ll??” ?n ??ll??.

5) ? ??w n?m?d “?ul??tt?” w?? g?ft?d t? h?m ?n 2003 ?ft?r h? w?n th? 1?t W?mbl?d?n t?tl?.

?v?n ?ft?r ?? m?n? v??t?r???, R?g?r F?d?r?r h?? n?t ?nd???t?d th?t h? w?nt? t? ?t?? ?nd h?? m?gn?f???ntl? ?r?h??tr?t?d gr?und?tr?k?? burn?ng u? th? h?rd??urt? ?r? n?t g??ng ?n?wh?r? ?n?t?m? ???n.

N? m?tt?r h?w mu?h h?? l?f? r?m?nd? u? ?f ? ??rf??tl? w?v?n f??r?t?l?, w? w?ll h?v? t? t?ll ?ur??lv??, t?m? ?nd ?g??n, th?t th?? ?? n?t ? f??r?t?l?. ?h?? ?? l?f?. R?g?r F?d?r?r’? l?f?.