Plastic Angle Trims: An Insight Into Their Uses And Creation

Plastic Angle Trims
Plastic Angle Trims

In the world of construction and fitout, certain products stand out for their practicality and usefulness, particularly for finishing purposes. One such product is the plastic angle trim. Here, we will provide an overview of what a plastic angle trim is, the process behind its creation, and delve deeper into the unique offerings of MKM Extrusions.

What is a Plastic Angle Trim?

Plastic angle trim is often used for finishing purposes in construction, renovations, and fitout projects. Its primary role is to provide a neat covering over edges or corners, ensuring not only a neat finish but also contributing to safety in that they can cover rough or sharp edges. Whether you’re working on wall corners, shelving, cabinets, or a junction where two surfaces meet, plastic angle trims may be your solution.

How are Plastic Angle Trims Made?

The creation of these trims is a manufacturing process:

Material Selection: At the heart of every trim lies its material. MKM Extrusions specifically uses rigid PVC for manufacturing it’s range of stock plastic angle trims.

Extrusion: The rigid PVC is heated until it is molten and then pressed through a specially designed die, taking on the shape of the angle trim.

Cooling: Immediately after extrusion, the trim undergoes cooling ensuring it maintains its form.

Cutting: Once cooled and set, this continuous length of plastic profile is then cut into the required lengths.

Quality Control: Plastic angle trims are subject to quality checks to ensure they are to the correct specification before being packaged and dispatched.

MKM extrusions’ Offerings

At MKM Extrusions, the variety and quality of our angle trims sets us apart:

Size Range:

The smallest of our plastic angle trims is 5mm and the largest is 100, with a huge range of sizes in between.

Colour Options:

Black and white are our standard colours as they are the colours in most demand. Other colours are available as custom manufacturing for which a larger production run is necessary.

Bespoke Solutions:

We understand that every project is unique. For those with specific requirements, we are more than happy to discuss custom solutions for which a larger meterage would need to be ordered.

In Conclusion

Plastic angle trims are both functional and provide a neat, professional finish. Take a look at our website to see the huge range of sizes we offer and to order online.