Mark Zuckerberg Story, Education, Facebook, Net Worth in 2022 & Personal Life

Celebrated Name: Mark Zuckerberg
Real Name/Full Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg
Parents: Karen and Edward Zuckerberg
Age: 37 years old
Birth Date: 14 May 1984
Dead or Alive: He is Alive and Kicking, Not Dead.
Birthplace: White Plains, New York, United States
Education: Harvard University
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Believe in God
Height: In centimeters- 171 cm
In meters- 1.71 m
In Feet Inches- 5? 7”
Weight: In Kilograms – 70 kg
In lbs – 154 lbs
Body Type: Average
Famous For: Co-founding Facebook
Profession: American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist
Net Worth: $71 Billion
Last Updated: 27th July 2021

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