Kendall Jenner Wiki: Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Modeling & TV Career and Net Worth in 2022

Celebrated Name: Kendall JennerReal Name/Full Name: Kendall Nicole JennerParents: Father – Kris Jenner
Mother – Caitlyn JennerAge:25 years old birth Date:3 November 1995Dead or Alive: She is Alive and Kicking, Not DeadBirthplace: Los Angeles, California, United StatesEducation: Sierra Canyon SchoolNationality:AmericanEthnicity:(Mixed) English, Irish, German, Dutch.Religion:ChristianityHeight:In centimeters- 179 cm
In meters- 1.79 m
In Feet Inches- 0? 0?Weight: In Kilograms – 54 kg
In lbs – 000 lbs body Type:SlimFamous For: Best known for her role in the reality television show Keeping Up with the KardashiansProfession: American model and media personality not Worth:$40 MillionLast Updated:27th July 2021

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?h? k???? h?r ??r??n?l l?f? l?w k?? ?w?? fr?m th? ?ubl?? ??? th?t wh? w? h?v? n? ?d?? wh?m ?h? ?? w?th ?nd h?? b??n d?t?ng ?n th? ???t.

Kendall Jenner Relationship Statistics

What is Kendall Jenner marital status? Is she married/divorced/single or in a relationship? Single
Does she have any relationship affair? Maybe
Who is she dating in 2021? Name of Boyfriend: N/A
Is Kendall Jenner Gay/Lesbian? No
Who is her Partner? N/A
What is her husband name? N/A
Does she have any children? No

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3. ?r? ??u ?w?r? th?t ?h? ?l?? d??? ?h?t?gr??h? ?? ? ??r??r ?h? ?t?rt?d ?ff ?n 2016?

4. ?n 2014, ?h? w?? n?m?d ?m?ng th? 50 m??t b??ut?ful ????l? gl?b?ll?.

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