Josie Gibson Confesses her Tenderness for the Entrepreneur; Elon Musk

The headline that Josie Gibson is having a feeling for Elon Musk, the most renowned person in the world, surprised several of her followers.

Gibson, a TV figure and host, recently speak out thoughts on a self-made millionaire; Elon Musk,

This thirty seven-year-old TV star did not even care about revealing how charming she has perceived him. Josie disclosed that she is thrilled by his exceptionally splendid personality and will also be eager to look at his rocket.

She went on to say that Elon Musk is someone she admires for his intellect rather than his rich fortune.

Josie claimed that although she is having not much time for dating, but she will eagerly await Elon’s marriage proposal.

Elon Musk has consistently made news for his complex private relations with numerous ladies. He became “topic of the town” throughout the recent Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamatory case owing to his close relationship with the “Aquaman” star; Amber. Musk, who has already been wedded thrice, is presently single. He also has regularly expressed the desire to meet a lady with whom he can develop a lasting relationship and get married rather than a temporary one.

Gibson expresses her emotions for Elon Musk during an interview with “The Mirror,” despite all of his prior relationships.