Is It Worth Buying the Toyota Rav4: Five Reasons For and Against

Many people in the US choose crossovers when buying a car. Such vehicles are comfortable in winter, have a high seating position, and can drive on country roads. They are distinguished by roomy interiors and spacious trunks.

Among all the crossovers and SUVs on the market, the Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular. It is considered the standard of reliability, but some motorists do not share the enthusiasm of the RAV4 admirer. The Indy Auto Man used car experts offer an independent opinion on the Toyota Rav 4, revealing the main pros and cons.


The Toyota car brand is associated with quality and reliability. No wonder, the Toyota RAV4 is chosen by many Indianapolis drivers. Here are five advantages of this SUV:

  • Reliable motor. The engine will not cause the owner any trouble. There may be only minor problems with the clutches of the variable valve timing system. But replacing them is not expensive.
  • Durable transmission. The clutch mechanism of the five-speed manual transmission works properly for 100 – 150 thousand miles. The automatic is just as reliable. With careful operation and timely oil changes, it will not cause much trouble to the owner.
  • Reliable independent suspension. The Front MacPherson strut and rear one are made on double wishbones. Shock absorbers can withstand more than 100 thousand miles. The only weak point of the suspension is the wedged calipers.
  • Electrical equipment. It works flawlessly. For cars with a keyless entry system, it is recommended to change the battery every 18 months.
  • Body protection against corrosion. All cars undergo high-quality factory processing. However, when buying a used Toyota, take a close look at the paintwork. It should not have scratches and chips. Otherwise, road reagents can cause damage to the body.


The advantages of the Toyota RAV4 are similar to most models of this brand. Now let’s pay attention to the disadvantages that will help decide whether to buy the RAV4.

  • Driving performance. Of course, we never expect high-speed driving on the highway from SUVs, and the RAV4 is no exception. It is quite maneuverable, but performance leaves much to be desired.
  • Options. The speaker system and multimedia of the new generation RAV4 have not received any changes compared to the previous version. The speakers produce average sound quality. The dashboard also remained unchanged.
  • Poor noise isolation. Do not expect complete silence in the cabin.
  • High price. The base models can’t boast rich equipment, while trims with additional options will be rather costly. 
  • Design. Motorists argue a lot about the RAV4 appearance. Some like it, while others find it unattractive. The interior is standard, nothing stands out. But most drivers agree that the Toyota SUV looks prettier today compared to previous generations. In 2013, when the fourth generation saw the light of day, the RAV4 gained its unique style. 

Despite the shortcomings, the Toyota RAV4 is a worthy choice. It is durable and reliable and does not give the driver many problems even with a hundred miles on the odometer. Spare parts do not cost too much and are freely available in Indiana and other states.

The main disadvantage of the Rav 4 can be considered a comparatively high cost. The growing popularity of this model has led to a price increase. The new model’s MSRP is about $27,500 to the date of publication. Fortunately, a used Toyota RAV4 will be more affordable. If you buy a vehicle from a reliable dealer after a thoughtful test drive, you get an SUV that will operate for a long time with no serious problems and costly repairs.