In macOS 11.4 update Apple has fixed the excessive M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue noticed in February (William Gallagher/AppleInsider)

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It now seems that macOS 11.4 has solved the previous problems with tools for reporting excessive wear on SSDs in Apple Silicon Macs.

SSDs can only be written to so many times before they stop functioning, but it takes a long time. However, a number of reports in February 2021 concerning the SSDs in M1 Macs seemed to indicate that their lifespan had been significantly decreased.

At the time, an AppleInsider source who was not authorised to speak on the company’s behalf informed us that the issue was caused by a data reporting mistake in the SSD wear reporting tools. That source stated that the SSDs were not actually having a hardware problem and were not deteriorating noticeably more quickly than before due to RAM swapping or other factors.

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The problem has now been resolved in the most recent version of macOS, the same insider has now told AppleInsider. Additionally, AppleInsider can now independently confirm that, unlike earlier, macOS 11.4 is now displaying accurate uptime data.

Separately, users on Twitter, including developer Hector Martin, who is working on the Linux port for Apple Silicon, have now also confirmed that the problem has been fixed.

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Update: The patch was first included in beta versions of macOS 11.4. The public might access it after the introduction of macOS 11.4

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