Important Things To Know About IV Therapy

IV therapy is a quick method of delivering nutrients, vitamins, or medication into the body through an IV drip or push. The primary benefit of IV therapy is that it offers fast absorption of nutrients without causing gastrointestinal effects since it bypasses the digestion process and also ensures maximum absorption of the nutrients. It allows the nutrients and minerals to be absorbed directly into your body system, boosting your energy levels so that you can think more clearly and boosts your mood. However, the benefits usually differ depending on the condition being treated, the type of IV treatment, the protocol used, the individual’s overall health, and the number of IV treatments administered.

Common uses of IV therapy

There are multiple reasons why many people choose to undergo IV therapy San Diego. Common uses include:

Hangover relief

After a night of alcohol indulgence, you might wake up feeling awful with symptoms such as headaches, migraines, fatigue, a dry mouth, digestive system issues, and sensitivity to light and sound. Those are the telltale signs of a hangover. A hangover can ruin your entire day, given that these symptoms last up to 24hours. In most cases, the go-to relief is a cup of coffee, over-the-counter medication, plenty of water, or going back to bed. However, IV therapy is a great way to relieve hangovers. It contains fluids, nutrients, and vitamins that rehydrate the body, detoxify, and treat the hangover symptoms, hence boosting your energy levels.


Immune system support

IV therapy promotes a healthy immune system. IV treatment contains several vitamins and nutrients that protect you from common illnesses such as flu, colds, and viruses.

Migraine and headache relief

Migraines and headaches can be devastating and can prevent you from doing your day-to-day activities. In most cases, the cause is unknown, but common reasons include stress, anxiety, depression, diet, certain medication, or environmental factors. Iv therapy for migraines and headaches contains vitamins and medication to alleviate the painful symptoms and boost your energy.

Athletic performance recovery

Workouts leave an athlete feeling extremely drained and exhausted.  Recovery IV drip usually contains ingredients that heal the muscles and body tissues, revitalize the body and boost recovery after workouts. Essential nutrients such as antioxidants and amino acids increase the energy levels post-workout.

Pregnancy symptoms alleviation

IV therapy is also an option for pregnant women who experience severe pregnancy symptoms such as severe morning sickness. While these symptoms subside as the pregnancy advances, they can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for a pregnant woman at work. IV therapy provides fluid for hydration and vitamins to manage nausea and vomiting.

Where to get IV therapy

You can access IV therapy in various settings.

  • Hospitals:many medical professionals offer IV therapy alongside other treatment plans. In most cases, people treated with IV therapy in hospitals are usually there for emergency treatment or inpatient treatment.
  • IV lounges: also known as IV bars, IV lounges such as Livv Naturaloffer a wide range of IV therapies. It can be in a fixed location while others operate as mobile units.
  • Medical spas, also known as med spas, offer various treatments, from traditional spa options to medical treatments such as IV therapy. Since it is a blend of spa and medical facility, you will find healthcare and non-healthcare workers. If you want an IV drip, only a medical professional should administer that.
  • Urgent care centers:  Urgent care centers handle minor medical emergencies such as stitches in cases of cuts. Depending on your reason for the visit, you can receive IV therapy in an urgent care center.
  • At home: you can receive IV therapy at the comfort of your home through mobile IV units that service your area.

Is IV therapy safe?

These days, IV therapy is a common practice that provides many health benefits and boosts overall wellness. However, overdoing it increases the risks of adverse health effects. Because of skin or blood infection risks, only a qualified medical professional should administer IV therapy to ensure a safe infusion. A comprehensive diagnostic test may be necessary to test vitamin, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients levels to customize the vitamin cocktail IV drip well depending on the individual’s specific needs.

How long do the effects of IV therapy last?

IV therapy drips the nutrients at a controlled rate. After connecting the IV, the treatment duration will depend on why you are receiving the IV therapy. It can take 20 to 45, although the process may take longer. But it allows you to relax in a comfortable chair and read a magazine or watch TV you receive the infusion. You may feel the effects immediately, while in some cases, it may take longer.


Often, you will start feeling the positive effects of IV therapy 12 to 24hours after infusion. However, it depends on the type of IV treatment as some people report feeling better right after treatment, such as relieving a hangover. The effects will last 8days to three weeks depending on the IV fluid bag’s components, the condition being treated, and IV type.

What to consider before you get IV treatment

Before you undergo IV therapy treatment, the doctor must evaluate your medical history and go over the details of the procedure with you to avoid any complications. Here are the key considerations to make:

  • If you have any medical condition, notify your doctor to determine if the IV therapy is ideal for your body.
  • Ensure that the doctor administering the IV therapy knows your medical history and is certified.
  • Do your research before booking an appointment with an IV therapy facility. A reputable clinic will perform a thorough medical evaluation before clearing you for the procedure.
  • The nurse should explain the process beforehand so that you have an idea of what is happening.
  • The clinician must ask about your medical history, condition, and allergies before rejecting or permitting you to undergo IV therapy.


IV therapy is an easy and convenient way to receive treatment if you don’t want to undergo a hospital’s complex procedures. For the most part, IV therapy promotes health and wellness. The infusion of vitamins, minerals, fluids, and other nutrients rehydrates your body, boosts your immunity system, supports healthy skin, and boosts your energy levels.