How to use Twitter for business

Twitter has proven itself as one of the leading social media platforms. With an incredible number of around 450 million monthly users, it has proven itself as a leading platform for social media marketing. It can be a great tool for raising brand awareness and driving more traffic to your website. So, you shouldn’t have any doubt about using Twitter in your daily routine! In this article, we will guide you through using Twitter for business and marketing purposes, from learning how to use hashtags to employing Twitter ghostwriting practices.

Work on profile optimization.

Your Twitter profile represents your digital portfolio, so it is essential to maintain a good look on your front page. A good Twitter profile should represent your brand, identity, and goals accordingly. Here are a few tips for arranging your Twitter profile to attract new followers and help them better understand your personal and business goals.

A profile picture is one of the most critical aspects of your Twitter identity because it’s probably the first thing that users notice while scrolling through the app or upon entering your profile. It’s best to use a professional-looking photo of yourself or a business logo if the profile is more brand-oriented.

Your Twitter bio should consist of a few important information about your business or you, but nothing too formal. It’s best to highlight your skills, goals, and services in a relaxed but engaging manner.

A Twitter handle is a unique username you choose upon creating your profile. It begins with the @ symbol, and it makes it easier for users to search your profile. Your Twitter handle should be catchy, easy to remember, and relevant to your business or you.

Create a good-quality and relevant content.

Twitter is all about spreading information and exciting content, so you should create content that will make you look like an expert in your industry field.

Make short-formed articles and blog posts that align your field of expertise. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to posting only about business-related content but tend to make your profile a good representation of your business and the services you provide. Also, it’s important to stay on track with the latest trends and events happening worldwide, not just industry-related.

You should also look to post visual content. It’s important to implement videos, photos, and graphics in your Twitter posting routines to have a more versatile look for your feed and grab visitors’ attention more easily. Also, the infographics and videos can be helpful in explaining to your audience some more complex concepts you are trying to represent, and you can showcase your work more easily that way.

Using the advantages of hashtags the right way 

Hashtags are a great tool to help you expand your profile’s visibility and engagement rates effectively and quickly! A powerful hashtag campaign can make you reach a wide audience that can possibly be interested in the services you provide. 

You can use industry hashtags to attract people with specific interests related to your business. As helpful as it is, it serves the purpose of bringing a specific group that you know in advance are interested in the topic you are exploring.

Trending hashtags, on the other hand, are more oriented on current relevant trends and events happening. Using this hashtag type, you can expand your brand to further audiences and show a more relaxed, laid-back side of your business or yourself.

Last but not least, you can create your own hashtag campaign trend! This is the most useful way to expand your audience if you succeed in creating a buzz that will stir up Twitter. But unfortunately, it is the hardest way to achieve this goal, because the viral trends today have a short duration period, and they easily come and go. But if you successfully create a viral hashtag, you will surely get excellent traction to your profile and help your business exposure

Twitter ghostwriting and the benefits of it

Twitter ghostwriting involves writing content and managing an account for another person in their name. Ghostwriters are often professional freelance writers employed by celebrities, businesses, or influencers who want to focus on other things rather than being bothered to manage their accountss. The ghostwriter’s job is to capture clients’ writing mannerisms, style, and overall personality and consistently maintain their online presence. While some people believe that ghostwriting is unfair because it raises a question about authenticity, it is undoubtedly the practical and helpful way to save time to focus on more important things and leave your Twitter account for professionals to lead.

Final thoughts

Twitter offers a wide variety of different possibilities for marketing and brand exposure if set up and managed right. Make sure that you set a professional-looking picture that represents your brand well. Also, work on your personal bio and think of an interesting Twitter handle that will bring a lot of attention to you and your profile. Use hashtags smartly and have a good posting rate. Also, if you find this process unpleasing, don’t be ashamed to hire a Twitter ghostwriter and let them handle your account.