How to Pack Your Vape Gear for a Summer Getaway

With the long and hard pandemic months finally behind them, hopefully never to return, many people are making plans to get away for a while and have a holiday. Some may not be able to travel far, due to ongoing local, national and international restrictions, but hitting the road in any form — no matter how far — is always liberating and refreshing.

If you vape and are planning on taking your e-cigarettes, vape juice and other supplies along with you, there are some precautions you need to take. Your vape gear might look sturdy, but at its heart, it’s delicate electronic equipment, and you don’t want it damaged or destroyed, leaving you with nothing to vape. Here’s how to look after your e-cigs properly, and travel with them


Hitting the Road With Your Vapes

When you’re packing your vape gear before heading off on holiday, you need to take everything you use, not just the e-cigarette itself. It may sound obvious, but if you leave one part behind, you may not be able to vape or get your hands on the supplies you need while you’re out of town. So gather up all the elements you use with your device, whether it’s a pod mod, sub-ohm vape, pen or anything else. You may, for instance, need to bring along coils, wicks, tanks, drip tips and spare batteries, as you might not always be able to charge when you need to. (And don’t forget the charging cable!)


Don’t forget about your vape juice either, as it’s better to take all you might need with you rather than have to search for your favourite brands and flavours when you get to your destination. Bring more e-liquid than you think you’ll need, because chances are you’ll be vaping more on vacation than usual, due to all the lush R&R time.

Get a sturdy carry case that will protect all your vape gear, and pack paper towels or wipes too, to mop up any drips or leaks that might happen while travelling or when you get to your location and are vaping. You’ll need to keep it all away from high levels of moisture and heat, such as from hotel bathrooms, pools and the beach, as too much of either risk damaging your vape gear and potentially ruining your holiday.

Can You Take E-Cigarettes on a Plane?

If you’re jetting off this summer and planning to take your vapes, you may be wondering if you can take e-cigarettes on a plane. The good news is you can, but you certainly can’t vape while you’re on board — and you can only take your vape gear in a carry-on bag or your pocket, as e-cigarettes are not allowed in the holds of aircraft, in case something goes wrong with them.

As for vaping at airports, mostly you can only do it outside the building or in specially designated rooms, like smoking lounges. If your summer holiday destination is another country, it’s advisable to read up on their vaping rules before you travel, because they’re not all the same. UK vaping laws are lax, for instance, but in other countries, such as Thailand, you can be hit with a big fine.


Lots of countries have banned vaping, mostly due to a lack of evidence about how safe it is — despite a growing number of studies conducted in recent years that say it’s almost completely harmless compared to the health risks from smoking.