How To Make Your Bathroom A Sanctuary

It is safe to say that for most people, the only time they really get to themselves is when they are in the bath. So, this is the only place where they can truly relax and unwind.

However, it can be hard to relax in a space where there is peeling paint on the walls, bad odors, and mold, meaning that for the majority of people, their bathroom needs to be something a bit more than a room that you simply wash and brush your teeth in for them to relax.

If you have ever been to a spa, you will notice how the decor is aimed at creating a safe haven away from the real world, which enables you to relax in the moment. If you want to emulate this in your own bathroom, you will be reassured that you don’t have to spend a fortune and that this article will provide you with some top tips to do just that. So, read on to learn more!

Soft and Soothing Colors

There is a reason why most spas have a color scheme that is bright but relaxing.

When you are looking to recreate this in your own bathroom, you should seek to choose calming and neutral colors for the walls and the décor. Many people opt for pastel shades, such as light blues, greens, or earthy tones, which help create a tranquil and calming atmosphere. In short, avoid red! As well as this, it is also worth noting that the tiles that are on the floor or around the bath should also be a neutral, calming color, so a solution such as Quorn stone may be ideal.

Ambient Lights

It’s worth noting that in order to calm the room down for a relaxing soak, one of the best ways to do this is to have soft and warm lighting. You can, of course, opt for candles; just make sure that they are placed somewhere safe, but many people want something that is a bit bolder. So, it is worth considering adding a dimmer switch or installing wall sconces in your bathroom, or even string lights, to create a gentle and calming vibe.

Spa-Like Bits

Going back to the spa for a moment, you may remember that it had soft fluffy towels, a comfortable bathrobe, and a very soft bath mat, usually accompanied by calming sounds. If you are aiming to make your bathroom a true sanctuary, then why not install a bathtub that has jets or a rainfall shower head? If you can’t afford this, then obviously, the option is the soft fluffy towels and a bathrobe, possibly mixed with an eye pack and face mask, to truly replicate the spa in your own home.


A relaxing space is nothing without a bit of greenery! So, if you are looking to create a calm atmosphere, you should bring in some plants or small potted herbs which can add a touch of nature to the room. These will help purify the air and also create a sense of serenity. You could even use natural materials in your bathroom to enhance this vibe, such as bamboo, wood, or stone.