How to Make Slow Motion Videos Without Apps on Android

Slow motion is a type of video that is intentionally created by slowing down the movement in every detail. To make it can be done in various ways, one of which is without the need for an application. How to make slow motion videos without an application is quite easy.

Later, the video results will be much more aesthetic and interesting. Usually this type of video is used for wedding moments, baby born, birthdays and others. If the device you are currently using is Android and doesn’t really support downloading additional apps, you can follow these steps:

1. Make Slow Motion Videos on Samsung

For Samsung cellphone users, they can make slow motion videos without having to use additional applications. Even editing this video only needs to use the camera’s default application. How to make slow motion videos without an application on Samsung is also very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • To make a video, you first need to open the camera on your Samsung cellphone.
  • Then click the video record option.
  • Furthermore, in the upper left corner you will see several kinds of features for making videos. One of them is the slow motion feature.
  • Select the super slow motion or slow motion video feature.
  • If the cellphone used supports it, then you can use the additional feature, namely Flex Mode, so that the image is clearer and sharper.
  • Because you want to make slow motion videos, then select the super slow motion menu.
  • Press during video recording and watch the color change in the feature. If the color changes from red to white, it means the feature is active.
  • Start recording video then the feature is automatically activated. If you want stable video, use a tripod, gorilla pod or others.
  • If you have finished recording the video, it will be automatically saved in slow motion .

2. Make Slow Motion Videos Using Vivo Cellphones

Not only Samsung, how to make slow motion videos without an application can also be done on Vivo cellphones. While how to do it is also not difficult. No need to download applications that fill the memory on the cellphone. Here’s the process that must be done:

  • Open the Vivo default camera feature then click video.
  • Then on the bottom menu, select the More option.
  • In order to be able to start slow motion on the video, it is necessary to select 2 available features. Namely features time lapse photography and slow motion.
  • If you have selected this feature, start recording video.
  • Next, edit the video as needed. For example adding emoticons, writing and others.

3. Make Slow Motion Videos Through Xiaomi Phones

For Xiaomi cellphone users, now you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to make slow motion videos . Especially if the specifications on the cellphone are low and it is not possible to add new applications. Here are the steps for making slow motion videos on Xiaomi:

  • Open the default camera application from the Xiaomi cellphone first.
  • Then click the three line menu in the top corner.
  • In the menu there are many features that support in making various videos. Among them are the features of fast motion recording and slow motion recording.
  • Because you want to make slow motion videos , select the slow motion recording option.
  • In this feature, the user can set the speed and time-lapse interval. Interestingly, there are various time interval options to choose from, namely 0.12 seconds to 60 seconds intervals.
  • Immediately record the video as desired and save the recording.
  • Enhance videos by editing them directly or using your own video editing application.

4. Make Slow Motion Videos Using Oppo

There are many types of Android phones currently being marketed, one of which is Oppo. Just like Android in general, Oppo is also equipped with a feature to make slow videos. How to make slow motion videos without an application on Oppo is also easy. Here’s the process for making it:

  • Open the default camera on the Oppo cellphone first.
  • Then select the video and click the three lines in the bottom corner of the screen.
  • In the menu, Oppo is equipped with several features. Such as Expert, Pano, Lapse and Slo-mo.
  • Because you want to make slow motion videos, choose the Slow-mo feature.
  • Start to record the desired video by pressing the shutter button.
  • Press the button again when you have finished recording the video.
  • Next, set the quality of the slow motion video by opening the settings.
  • Go to the system apps menu and select the camera.
  • Next, scroll down and select the slow motion video resolution feature.
  • Slow motion videos are successfully made with superior quality.

5. Make Slow Motion Videos on Realme Cellphones

Basically, the designs from Realme and Oppo look pretty much the same. Therefore, the way to make slow motion videos on this cellphone is also not much different. However, there are several other features that are not present in Oppo. Here’s how to make slow motion videos without an app on Realme:

  • Open the default camera menu from the Realme cellphone.
  • Then select the video and click the three line icon in the bottom corner.
  • Next will appear several features such as expert mode, time lapse, pano and slo-mo.
  • Next, select the Slo-mo feature to create a slow motion video. This feature will slow down up to 2 times the speed.
  • Press the shutter when you want to start recording video.
  • When you have finished recording, do the finishing of the video by editing it (if needed).

That’s how to make slow motion videos without an app for Android. One of the advantages of making slow motion videos is that they can capture details in motion that are not caught by the naked eye. Even by video at normal speed.