How to Get Free Mobile Legends Battle Points Easily

Battle Points or widely known as BP is a currency in the Mobile Legends game. Therefore, players at least know how to get free Mobile Legends battle points first. Later this BP can be used by players to purchase a number of items, heroes or others.

Given that in addition to getting it for free, players can get it by paying. Of course, this method will require some funds. That is, starting from players who buy diamonds using pulses and then exchange them for battle points. Here’s a list of how to get BP for free in Mobile Legends:

1. Sell Hero And Skin Trial Card

As it is known that the number of types of heroes contained in Mobile Legends is quite large. For this reason, it is not surprising that players are encouraged to know the various names of these heroes. That way, the player will not be wrong when they want to choose the desired hero.

As for heroes that players feel are no longer used, sales can be made. The number of battle points that players can later get from the sale is around 30 BP. Please note that the only heroes or skins that can be sold are those from the Trial Card.

2. Utilize Lucky Spin

The next list for how to get free Mobile Legends battle points is to take advantage of the existing Lucky Spin. Because Lucky Spin is able to provide opportunities for players to get a number of interesting items for free.

The procedure that players need to go through in this case is to go to the “Shop” menu section. Then continue by selecting Lucky Spin which is usually on the lower side. If players are lucky, they can get 300 BP for free. Here players can also exchange tickets to become BP.

3. Using Double BP

This method can be applied to players who don’t have much free time to play Mobile Legends. For this reason, one of the solutions that can be used is to use a double BP card. That way the player will get the advantage in the form of BP after the match is doubled.

In this case it is recommended to players not to skip the game. Given that players can take advantage of the existence of this double BP duration so that they can get prizes in large quantities. Please note that double BP items are able to increase player income even up to 100 percent.

4. Play in Brawl

Another option as a way to get free Mobile Legends battle points is to play in Brawl. You could say that the use of this one mode in the Mobile Legends game has an exciting impression. In addition, with this mode, players also have the opportunity to get gold in a short time.

In this mode, players are also able to complete the game in a fairly short time, which is only about 3 minutes. The amount of gold that can be obtained reaches 60 to 100. Even the nominal number can be doubled when players use double BP.

5. Complete Achievements

It can be said that players who are still relatively new will benefit when using Achievements. The term which is often referred to as Achievement can be understood as the source of the most BP contained in the game. In addition, players will also have the opportunity to get other prizes.

In other words, the supply of existing numbers is quite high. For example, getting hundreds of BPs can be done quite easily. New players will benefit from being able to generate a lot of BP quickly. In addition to running the game, here players can also complete existing Achievements.

6. Play Magic Chess

The next way to get battle points in the Mobile Legends game is to play Magic Chess. Maybe for players who have played this ML game quite often, the existence of Magic Chess is not a new term anymore.

Where what is called Magic Chess itself is a mode that is quite in demand because it offers a number of interesting activities. Here later players will be required to make combo games in order to provide resistance to opponents.

7. Daily Chest Opening

When players make daily chests found in ML games, the player can get a number of battle points that can be used to buy several heroes. However, please note that this method can only be carried out by players once a day.

That’s a glimpse of information about how to get free Mobile Legends battle points easily. Some of the ways above can be an option so that the number of battle points contained in the Mobile Legends game you have can increase. With so many battle points available, you can use them to buy the required number of items.