Fortnite is a famous battle royale game loved by all ages. This is a very interesting batter royale game and available on almost every device. Fortnite supports Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Xbox, and Playstation.

Fortnite had hit the records on its launch back in 2017,  and after its arrival on the android and IOS devices, the game has gained a boost.

At launch time Fortnite didn’t support a change of skin or even gender of the character. You had to compromise on the random skin you get. Due to this reason users weren’t happy with having the same character throughout the game. And they can’t even customize that.

But after users’ feedback on changing a character’s gender and skin, developers had made it possible. But it is still very tricky for a new user. That’s why we have thought to share a guide on how to change your character in Fortnite.

If you just install Fortnite in excitement to play this amazing game. You might be unaware of many settings and to-do in games. When you enter the game the first thing you see is your character.

Fortnite offers only 8 random characters at your beginning. You shall get four male and four female characters. These are preset and you cannot customize them as per your liking.  Although you can win free skins by playing games regularly.

You also earn V-bucks by playing games and buy some limited skins for your character. But overall if you are a free user you will be left with only a few options. You have to buy V-bucks or can buy Fortnite royal Pass to access numerous skins and the option to change the character’s gender.

Here is how you can buy the pass and apply skins. Also here you will learn to change gender’s character and tweak the character.

Keep in Mind full access to character customization is possible by purchasing the pass. But here we will also share some free ways if you are just not into buying the pass for now.

Unlike other games, where you have to spend a lot to get more and more. Fortnite pass is somehow a great value for money if you are into playing the game for a long time.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to change your character in Fortnite. It includes buying and applying skins and changing the gender of the character.

Changing the Character

Before buying the skin you have to select the basic character style and look. So you can buy skins accordingly. To access the characters available follow these steps;

  • Open the locker from the home screen. To open the locker you have to click/tap on a hanger icon
  • here you will be seeing all available characters and skins.
  • That’s pretty simple to access the available characters. And you change easily to your preferred style of character. And skin. Keep in mind there are a total of 8 characters.

Change your character’s Gender

  • You can change your character gender, only if you have bought the battle royal pass. Here’s how you can do this;
  • Once again open the Locker. Here you will see your current character skin and gender.
  • To change the gender, select your current character, it will take you to the next menu where you can select the gender of characters.
  • Here you can see the default characters and can select the gender, and can, later on, apply the skin.
  • Remember only battel pass players can change the genders of character on their own.
    That’s it you know now how to change your character in Fortnite.

How to Buy skins for your Characters in Fortnite

It is the most fun part to customize your character in Fortnite by applying different fun and cool-looking skins. You can buy skin from a store in Fortnite. Here how you can buy skins for your Fortnite characters.

  • Again, when you are in the main menu open the locker from the hanger icon on the top
  • As you can see in the store you can buy skins for your characters.

How to apply skins to your character in fortnite;

       To apply skins follow these steps;

  • Open the locker tab
  • Open outfits slots, here you will see all available skins
  • Select your favorite skiing then save and exit

And now you don’t need to search anymore how to change your Fortnite character. And can do it all by yourself.

How to Buy a Battle pass in Fortnite

Buying a battle pass in Fortnite in any season works well in the long run. Because unlocking all the customization options depends upon the battle pass. Here’s how you can buy a battle pass in fortnite;

  • Open the battle pass tab from the main menu
  • And select your package
  • You can get a battle pass for 9,500 V bucks
  • You also have the option to purchase one level-up for 150 Bucks

We recommend you to buy a full battle pass for any season of Fortnite. You can further earn more V-Bucks during gameplay. And may not need to buy a new battle pass for next season.


Fortnite is a very addictive game loved by teens and adults. And being a survivor game and a battle royale you always experience the new excitement level.

And may never get bored off the game. While playing the game, all players want to customize their characters. Because our characters are identity during gameplay.

Every newbie on Fortnite searches for how to change your character in forntie. Because they don’t find a way to change character. Because of limited customization options by developers, new players got confused.

Because in most scenarios you have to buy a battle pass. And we have shown a step-by-step guide on every question related to how to change your character in Fortnite.

Though the customization may be limited for some users. But combining with battle pass it provides you a good combination of default characters and choosing skin and gender.

All of this is enough to satisfy your need of modifying your player identity in Fortnite. These steps are applicable to both PVP mode and save the world mode.

No doubt Fortnite is a rivalry game for any high end game. Because of it’s flexible support to almost every operating system, it has become one of the top choices of gamers. So you can enjoy your game from any device.

And we have to say epic games did a really epic job considering fortnite optimization through multiple devices.

If you love playing games you may already love this one. If you still didn’t try it out for any odd reason, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions, here is our overview of the article in faqs.

Can I change skins for free?

Yes, you can only change the skin for free if you won it during game level-ups or any mission completion reward. Otherwise, you have only default skin for your default player.

Yes, after the latest updated Fortnite developers have allowed the premium battle to pass users to change the gender of default players. Before this, you only had the option of changing the outfit of a random player you get.

No, it’s not necessary. With one time purchase, you get a plethora of skins and custom styles with the ability to change the gender of your character. All of these satisfy your needs or customization.

Other than that you can always upgrade your pass by upgrading your tier in Fortnite, Which is very simple just play it hard and complete daily, weekly, and season challenges. In this way, you can maintain your one time purchase battle pass.

Yes, but only with supported outfits. To change the outfit style follow these steps;

  • Go to locker from the main menu
  • Go to outfit slot
  • Select outfit and check if it supports styling
  • If yes, you will see a dial to change different styles of outfits.

For now, you cannot create a custom outfit by mixing and matching some other skins. But we hope Fortnite allows more customization to our characters in the future.

Till then you can enjoy hundreds of cool outfits for your skin. You can find a more solid look to a funky look in the selection.

Every player can earn V-bucks, it doesn’t matter if you are using free pass or battle pass. V-bucks are in-game money that is used to purchase skins, battle pass and other upgrades.

You can easily earn V-bucks by completing season missions. And it will also give you many rewards. You can purchase V-bucks separately as well. For this purpose follow these steps:

  • Go to store (from hanger tab > store tab)
  • Select purchase and buy V-bucks separately.