How to Buy Free Fire Special Airdrop Easily

Free Fire developers often provide gifts or facilities for players at certain events. One that is presented is a special airdrop that can be purchased. How to buy this Free Fire special airdrop can be done with credit and with a simple process.

For those who want to make the purchase process, they must know the ins and outs of the special airdrop and the details of the process. If all aspects are understood, then the process will be very easy. To find out the details, see the details of the following discussion:

What is Special Airdrop?

Maybe for new users, the special airdrop feature is still unknown and not well understood. Therefore, this explanation will be very important to understand. So if you look at the definition, this special airdrop is a feature or service from the Free Fire developer.

Usually, the developer will provide a special airdrop for users to purchase within a certain period of time. The most common timeframe given is about 24 hours. If it exceeds that time, the special airdrop provided will not be able to be purchased again.

Therefore, this special airdrop is a rare game for every Free Fire user. Then what are the advantages of special airdrops so that many parties buy them? The advantages are in the content and the price offered by the developer. All these parts are very profitable if obtained.

One special airdrop package can be purchased by users for only around 3,000 rupiah. With this very low cost, users will get 300 diamonds, expensive and rare items, and weapon loot crates.

Not only that, not infrequently users will also get weapon items that are difficult to obtain and added with diamond plus. All these aspects that will be obtained will certainly be useful in the process of playing the Free Fire game.

If all these things are purchased using the usual method, then the cost can reach hundreds to millions of rupiah. Meanwhile, with the special airdrop, the fee is only 3,000 rupiah. This will certainly benefit users because they do not have to spend a lot of money.

In order to be able to purchase a special airdrop, each user must first know when the event will be given. Therefore, make sure to follow the information from Free Fire thoroughly. Thus, it will also be known when the special airdrop will be given.

Method of Buying Special Airdrop with Credit Assistance

After knowing all the intricacies above, you must immediately understand how to buy the Free Fire special airdrop until it’s finished. Actually, this process is not a difficult process details to implement. Users only need to complete a few main steps.

But before making a purchase, make sure the credit you have is ready. Don’t let the process be done, the credit is not enough to complete the payment process. If you have enough credit, then immediately follow the process below for completion:

  • The first step that can be applied is to open the Free Fire game on a device with a personal account.
  • When a special airdrop is given by the developer, the display will appear the first time when the game is opened. Therefore, when you enter the main page of Free Fire, just press the special airdrop button.
  • Later, users will be directed to another page that will display a row of prices and specifications. Just press the button on the desired option.
  • Then, the user will enter on another page that displays payment options. Press the payment option with credit that is adjusted to the provider used.
  • If so, enter the password and username of the Google account that is used. If the process is done well, the user will be directed to the Play Store immediately.
  • Then the user just has to wait until the verification box appears. Just press the verification button to confirm that the purchase will continue.
  • After the process is complete, there will be a notification and an email sent by Free Fire. This email contains proof of the purchase of the special airdrop.

The sequence of processes above is not too complicated if directly applied. However, accuracy is also very necessary so that the process does not find errors. Therefore, make sure to follow all the processes so that the results are as you wish.

Are There Other Methods of Purchase?

In addition to using credit, actually how to buy a Free Fire special airdrop can still be solved by other methods. The choice of payment methods that are no less interesting is to use Gopay, credit cards, and balances on Google Play.

With all these options, users can customize the payment process. As for the sequence of the process itself is still the same and not complicated. Just replace the payment with the provider’s credit with another desired method.

All descriptions of the method or how to buy the Free Fire special airdrop above have been given thoroughly. So that the process can be completed immediately with good results, then make sure not to underestimate a single point from the description of the steps.