How to Activate Unlimited YouTube on MyXL

XL is a provider group that has many users. One of the most interesting XL services is unlimited YouTube which can be activated on My XL. How to activate unlimited YouTube on My XL itself can be applied with a few simple steps.

For those who have never applied it, they must first know how the process is clear. In addition to the method aspect, aspects of the provisions of its use must also be known. To know these explanations more clearly, understand the following details:

How to Activate Unlimited YouTube on MyXL

The method or method of activating unlimited YouTube on My XL itself is divided into two groups. The first group can be used when the user already has the service, but can’t activate it yet. So the buying process does not need to be done.

Meanwhile, the second group is for the condition of users who have not purchased this service. Then the buying process must be done. These two processes must be understood in order to know which process or step should be applied. Here’s a description of the explanation:

1. Activation Process Without Making a Purchase

If the user already has the service, then the activation process can be applied immediately. This process can be selected if the YouTube unlimited service has been obtained as a bonus or other processes. For a description of the steps themselves consist of the following steps:

  • The very first step to start the process is to download the My XL app at the official app download site.
  • When the download process is complete, wait for the system to install the application to the device.
  • Then, immediately open the application when it is installed and carry out the registration process with the XL number you have.
  • When you already have an account, just go to the “View My Packages” menu. In this menu, users will be provided with detailed information about the packages or services they have.
  • Because it will carry out the unlimited YouTube activation process, then select the “Xtra Unlimited Turbo YouTube” option to continue the process.
  • After that, press the “Activate” button that is already available.
  • Wait a few moments, then there will be a notification that the service is active and can be fully utilized.

2. Activation Process with Purchase Process

So what if from the start the user doesn’t have YouTube’s unlimited service that can be used right away? If this happens, the user must make the process of purchasing a package service first. For the process itself, see the following description:

  • The initial steps are the same, namely the process of downloading and installing My XL on the device you are using.
  • Don’t forget to also do the account registration process.
  • When the account is ready, then just enter the application.
  • Then, go to the “XL Store” menu that has been provided. Later, the user must select the “Come View Your Bonus Here” option on the menu.
  • To make a purchase, select the “Xtra Unlimited” option.
  • Next, the user must press the “Activate Now” button and press the “Pay” button to process the payment.
  • Later, My XL will confirm the purchase was successful and the YouTube unlimited service can be used immediately.

Terms of Use Unlimited YouTube on My XL

In addition to information on how to activate unlimited YouTube on My XL, users must also know about information about all the terms and conditions. By understanding this information, the user can carry out the process without a hitch.

There are at least five main rules that every user must understand and follow. Curious what the provisions have been given? To find out, see the description of the list and the description below:

1. The main quota must be exhausted

The first condition that must be followed is on the remaining quota. To take advantage of unlimited YouTube and activate it, the user’s main quota must be exhausted. If it is still there, then YouTube’s unlimited service will not be able to be activated or used easily.

2. User Can Only Choose One Bonus Variation

Then, users can only choose one type of unlimited bonus. If you want to use unlimited YouTube, users cannot choose unlimited VIU, Netflix, or others. This has become a basic provision that cannot be changed anymore.

3. The Active Period Will Adjust The Package Selected

YouTube’s own unlimited options are numerous. Group differences of course also have differences in the active period. It all depends on what class each user chooses. Some have an active period of one day, some have an active period of up to 30 full days.

4. Only valid for XL Prepaid

Unlimited YouTube can only be used by prepaid XL users. Meanwhile, postpaid XL users will not be able to use it. Therefore, before carrying out the activation process, first make sure what type of card is used.

5. No Auto-Renew

Lastly, YouTube’s unlimited service will not get auto-renewal. So if the user wants to use it again for the next month, then the activation process must be done again from the beginning. So make sure to know when the last date of the end of this service is.

All explanations about how to activate unlimited YouTube on My XL can certainly be understood immediately. In addition to an explanation of how, it has also been explained about the rules that must be obeyed. All the details of the explanation above are of course very crucial to understand.