Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil comes from the olive, the natural fruit of the olive tree, and a tree native to the Mediterranean. It is obtained by pressing and its flavor depends on the country of origin of the olive tree. Tree from which the olive comes, fruit from which it is obtained. The flavor can be smooth, somewhat more bitter or spicy depending on the variety of the fruit.

The processing or obtaining techniques determine the “grade” of the oil , which can be classified as refined or unrefined, depending on whether chemicals or heat have been used in its extraction process (refined) or not (unrefined).

Extra virgin olive oil or AOVE

AOVE is a pure, unrefined oil, and therefore has not been treated in its process.

Refined oils are treated in order to eliminate any defect and usually have a more indeterminate color and a somewhat milder flavor, a fact that does not occur in the case of EVOO, which maintains its properties intact.

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained through a natural process from the first olive press. No heat or additives are used in its preparation and production process, thus protecting the benefits of its plant compounds, known as polyphenols. Likewise, the last step before bottling is suppressed in order to maintain its purity. These oils, being purer, have a higher nutritional value and their market price is higher, with a stronger flavor, a darker color and unique health properties.

EVOO Variety Empeltre

The empeltre variety is the one that can be seen the most in the landscapes of certain areas of Aragon, so in our mill located in Belchite the oil of the empeltre variety is one of the best known in the entire community of Aragon.

We can highlight from this variety of olive a clean appearance and a pleasant fruity aroma that is accompanied by a soft and sweet flavor.

You can now learn about its properties and benefits of Empeltre-type olive oil, the olive trees that became one of the most characteristic images of the Aragonese landscape.

This is a variety that is also very famous in the community of Aragon, although we can also see it in Catalonia and Andalusia. This is an olive that is characterized by its resistance to cold. Its collection is carried out in most of the times in a mechanized way.

To stand out from the arbequina variety is its soft type, in addition to its unique green color and is accompanied by a pleasant and fresh fruity smell reminiscent of the aromas of banana and apple. In terms of health, the variety of arbequina type oil, thanks to its components, is a good ally for the heart and helps fight cholesterol.

There are several benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is known as one of the healthiest oils and one of the main components of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

EVOO oil is the “most” pure oil available on the market, as it is obtained directly from the olive, without heat or additives, and thus has innumerable benefits for our health according to scientific evidence.

Rich source of polyphenols, antioxidants and good fats for health

EVOO is an oil that, having not been refined or altered in its production process, keeps its nutrients and antioxidants intact. It contains more than thirty different types of compounds, natural antioxidants that foods like fruits and vegetables have and that benefit health. Specifically, it contains high doses of polyphenols, such as hydroxytyrosol and oleocanthal, fighting diseases that damage cells and the aging process and enjoying neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The fats in the oil also fight cardiovascular diseases. As we will discuss below, these monounsaturated fats help reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, thus avoiding the development of cardiovascular diseases, through a Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil.

Avoid cardiovascular diseases

It is worth noting the value of olive oil when it comes to protecting our heart, being perhaps one of the most repeated and outstanding benefits, as highlighted by the results of a clinical study PREDIMED (Prevention with a Mediterranean diet), whose analyzes emphasize the preventive nature of olive oil, regarding cardiovascular diseases.

Death from heart disease is one of the leading causes of premature death in the world. However, it is a curious fact to know that the population of regions, where the Mediterranean diet is followed, have a lower rate of deaths related to cardiovascular diseases and tends to be due to natural causes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority recommend consuming around 20 grams (g) or two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil each day, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Disease and inflammation. The polyphenols contained in olive oil produce cardiovascular protection in addition to avoiding other types of diseases.

Olive oil reduces the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases that claims the most lives in the world. Most of the scientific community agrees that natural food plays an important role, when it comes to reducing the risk of suffering from it, as well as the risk of suffering from other types of pathologies. Recent studies confirm that extra olive oil contains substances that help, together with a healthy natural diet, to prevent numerous diseases.

Countries with a high consumption of oil, those that have the Mediterranean diet, tend to have less risk of suffering from diseases of all kinds. Some of the main components of olive oil have properties that help consolidate a healthy life and thus confirm the benefits of olive oil.

Moderate intake of olive oil helps to lose weight

Obesity is another disease that is fought, in most cases, with a healthy diet. The Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil, helps us maintain a balanced and healthy diet, taking into account that a correct use of it favors weight loss. Of course, olive oil is still a high-calorie food, but most of these are healthy, allowing us to replace the less healthy ones in the diet, in a rich and tasty way. Olive oil helps keep blood sugar levels balanced, which prevents diabetes and, in turn, curbs gluttony.

The healthiest oil for your dishes

Did you know that the use of extra virgin olive oil in cooking can make your food more nutritious? Contrary to popular belief, extra virgin olive oil is the best oil you can have in your kitchen. The high resistance of its antioxidants to high temperatures means that they end up being absorbed by the food we cook. At the same time, it helps food maintain nutrients that are generally lost when we cook. Cooking some vegetables such as tomato, aubergine or pumpkin with extra virgin olive oil increases their antioxidant content and, therefore, the meals have greater health benefits.

We can conclude by saying that cooking with EVOO makes many of the foods we cook retain and even increase their natural nutrients, which would otherwise be damaged or lost by heat.

Improves and maintains brain health

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that is caused by the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques in brain cells. According to some studies, including extra virgin olive oil in the diet prevents and even helps slow down Alzheimer’s disease, due to the natural protective nature of some of its compounds, helping to protect the blood vessels of the brain and even eliminating the compounds that cause brain aging.

Many more studies are needed to verify the direct benefits of olive oil on this disease, but for now, the data is encouraging, suggesting that a diet rich in olive oil can reduce the compounds responsible for the disease and improve function.

Virgin olive oil improves mental health and mood

A 2019 study determines that the components of olive oil help protect the nervous system and can improve mood, as well as help treat depression or anxiety. The healthy fats that EVOO accumulates are important when it comes to helping the proper functioning of the central nervous system, getting the nerves to work properly and increasing the level of serotonin.

Olive oil helps the immune system

Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to contain nutrients, which help reduce unhealthy bacteria found in our bodies, some of which are even resistant to antibiotics.

The antibacterial properties of the oil make us avoid diseases and keep our health in perfect condition. Having a healthy immune system will prevent us from a cold to diseases and pathologies of a very diverse nature.

Olive oil boasts anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting properties.

Including olive oil in your diet may be an option if you suffer from arthritis or a chronic inflammatory disease. Olive oil can reduce inflammation thanks to the antioxidants it contains, such as oleocanthal. Regular and responsible intake of oil manages to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases and keep us in good condition.

Supports a healthy gut microbe

The well-being of our intestinal microbiota is reflected in our digestive health, in our state of mind and is even projected on our skin. The use of extra olive oil, in addition to taking care of it, reduces inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and produces good bacteria that help the well-being and health of our intestine.