Jenna Bush’s infamous ID-gate videotape is raising more questions than the Zapruder film. According to a source who has seen the footage—which features a self-described downtown coke dealer relating his late-night run-in with the First Daughter, and brandishing her college ID as a souvenir—the man insinuates that the two shared more than just drinks.

A well-informed source, who has a DVD copy of the interview shot by’s Travis Poston, says that at one point the dealer claims that the young, blonde Jenna Bush with the Texas accent he hung out with that night (and who happened to leave behind Jenna Bush’s belongings) had been “helping [him] clean up” the bar after a long night of partying.

(A publicist for First Lady Laura Bush has unequivocally denied that her daughter has ever been to the Chinatown bar, Happy Ending, even though we hear the UT-Austin ID card displayed in the film clearly shows the hard-partying political liability’s name, picture and student ID number.)

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the Secret Service are reportedly taking the tape seriously enough to investigate, and we hear they’re not the only ones. When Fresh Intelligence emailed about securing selected clips to host on this site, we received the following curt response: “There are about ten top papers fighting for that footage. Get in line.”

Needless to say, “if a coke dealer has your ID it doesn’t look so good,” quipped the source.

Apparently, the affable salesman doesn’t limit his company to presidential offspring. “He brags on camera that he’s down with all the members of Interpol,” our source says. “And everybody in the club that walks by in the video says ‘hi’ to him.”

Reps for Bush and Interpol could not be reached by press time.