Ever since Radar exposed the behind-the-scenes antics on E!’s Kill Reality—including orgies, drug use, and multiple pissed-off (and on) cast members—sources say the network has been scrambling to satisfy demand for a DVD of the show’s more scandalous outtakes. But while E! execs have been savoring their unexpected entry into the softcore market, we hear their decision to release the footage has left the stars feeling an uncomfortable new emotion: shame.


“The ratings for Kill Reality were so good there was talk of a reunion show, but now everyone refuses to be in the same room with the others,” says a source from the series, which chronicled a dozen reality show castoffs as they filmed a horror movie while cohabiting in a Malibu rental. (A PG version of the movie, The Scorned, will premiere on E! on Halloween; an unrated DVD version with the aforementioned “bonus” footage will be released the following day.)

Unsurprisingly, it was Jonny Fairplay—the Survivor reject best known for lying about his grandmother’s death to win a challenge—whose exploits provided the most embarrassing material. Sources say explicit scenes from Fairplay’s round-robin frolics with Real World alumnae Tonya Cooley and Trishelle Cannatella (with Road Rules’s Katie Doyle occasionally subbing in) give the DVD a pronounced porno feel.

“The girls have denied it, but we have the outtakes—and the hidden microphones don’t lie,” says the show insider. In one clip Fairplay and Cannatella lock themselves in a bathroom, but forget to remove their mikes. “You can hear Trishelle literally begging for all kinds of kinky sex,” says the source. “She’s moaning, ‘I have to have it! I need it!’”

Fairplay’s playmates stopped speaking to him after their sexcapades went public, and we’re told the 25-year-old Cannatella tried to quit the show—unsuccessfully—when she found out about the outtakes. “She’s furious that the whole thing will be put out on the DVD,” says another source. (Cannatella is also less than chummy with her former female rivals. The same source says she dropped out of an all-girl photo shoot with her co-stars for Femme Fatales magazine after Cooley called her and threatened to “beat her ass” if she showed up.)

Fairplay, an unlikely Casanova, also severed ties with openly gay Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl after the two shared a kiss at the film’s rap party, we hear. “Thank God no one in the house had a disease, or it would have gone through that place like wildfire,” says the source. “We’d have had to quarantine the house.”

Other “highlights” include Cooley, Cannatella, Survivor All-Star Jenna Lewis, former Apprentice wannabe Stacie Upchurch, and The Bachelor’s Trish Schneider showing off their “amazing tits”—and Lehmkuhl providing “the best ass shot in the history of movies,” says the insider.

“All the girls ended up getting naked in the movie,” another production source boasts. “It’s really amazing, they want $30,000 to $40,000 a day to pose for Playboy, but we got them to do it for $200 a day, scale!”

Despite the friction on the set—or more likely because of it—E! is already planning Kill Reality 2 with a new cast. “We’re challenging the old Hollywood club,” says executive producer Scott Zakarin. “I think Paris Hilton proves that anyone can be a star.”