Sources say Michael Mann’s screen adaptation of his hit 80’s TV show Miami Vice has been plagued by more problems than Don Johnson’s wardrobe—in part because Jamie Foxx is behaving like an Acadamy Award-worthy asshole onset.

According to top studio execs, the In Living Color alum was miffed from day one that he had signed on to the film before collecting his statue for Ray and felt his contract didn’t reflect his new superstar worth. Though Foxx’s wimpering persuaded the studio to match his salary to that of co-star Colin Farrell (they’re both under $20 million, we’re told), sources say the money squabbles didn’t help his bruised ego. We hear the actor frequently retreats to his trailer when he’s off-camera and has been late several times for the cast’s mandatory weapons training sessions.

Foxx’s behavior has been particularly galling to the famously demanding Mann, who sources say feels he rescued the actor from Booty Call ignominy by giving him the chewy role of Drew “Bundini” Brown in Ali. After already having worked together on Collateral—and with yet another collaboration, the aptly titled Damage Control, looming on the horizon—we hear cabin fever has settled in on the set, leading the two professionals to frequently butt heads.

Further complicating the production is Farrell, who sources say picked up a few counterproductive habits while shooting Alexander with noted psychonaut Oliver Stone. According to one studio exec, the ever-disheveled Irishman was so damaged at the onset of the production that Mann had to delay shooting until the actor could dry out.

Mann’s publicist, Pat Kingsley, denied any friction between the director and Foxx, saying the two men are “like brothers,” and adding, “this is their third film together and they are planing a fourth.”  Foxx’s own publicist, Alan Nierob, had a slightly different take: “These guys are fierce competitors for success. Nonetheless they love each other, are friends, and are partners on future projects after Miami Vice.”