Is Nicole Kidman the only earthling not talking about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Readers who snapped up the latest issue of Vanity Fair based on the cover’s promise that the famously robotic actress “bares her soul about…Tom’s new flame” were disappointed to find the profile contained only one non-quote about her ex’s mystical romance: “In terms of your life, if you start to exploit it, then what’s real, what’s not?” The reason for Kidman’s Koan-like comment, according to a friend of the actress, is that she’s still very much under contract when it comes to talking about Tom—on the record, at least.

“Part of their [heavily-negotiated] divorce agreement is that he doesn’t speak about her and she doesn’t speak about him,” the friend notes. “And when she has spoken of him, she’s gotten some very nasty letters from his attorneys, who, as everyone knows, he keeps on speed dial.”

Still, she hasn’t exactly been staying silent. When the National Enquirer published its latest cover story—”Nicole’s War With Tom and Katie”—sources at the tab say Kidman’s publicist, Catherine Olim, threatened legal action until second-hand quotes attributed to Kidman were watered down to a point where she couldn’t be sued for breach of contract.

“Tom controlled his marriage to Nicole with an iron hand, and she’s still terrified to tangle with him,” says the friend. Of course, Kidman’s real thoughts on the relationship are hardly surprising: while she says she could “care less” about Cruise’s new “relationship,” she’s less than thrilled with his over-the-top antics, says our source. “She thinks he’s acting like a jackass half the time and a Scientology zealot the other half.” Maybe she’s not a cyborg after all.

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