Nearly 1,000 people turned out to toast Radar’s launch last night, with guests from Candace Bushnell to Al Sharpton joining in the celebration at New York’s Hotel QT. But for some, the highlight of the evening came when a party-crasher lobbed a cream pie squarely in the face of online oligarch Nick Denton.
Denton—an invited guest—was being greeted by Radar editor Maer Roshan when an unidentified man in a blue baseball cap broke through the crowd and hurled a creamy confection at his face as a horrified Roshan looked on. A few moments later, the baffled blogger inexplicably turned on his host, emptying a small glass of Chardonnay on his head.

After covering his intended mark, the assailant fled through a back entrance, with QT security in hot pursuit. Roshan quickly whisked the maraschinoed would-be mogul to a room upstairs where he loaned him a clean set of clothes. With pie still trickling down his face, Denton was overheard on his cell phone furiously screaming instructions to a lackey on how to spin the situation. For his part, Roshan said he was saddened by the incident: “We tried our best to keep the security under control, but a difficult task was made even harder after Gawker decided to post the time and location of the party, and urged people to crash. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Though I may be out a good pair of jeans.”

Despite the fracas, the party continued in full force at Marquee, where guests celebrated into the wee hours. Denton did not attend, and was last seen glumly walking down 45th street with uninvited Gawker staffer, Jesse Oxfeld, in tow.


Demi Moore’s uterus is the latest battleground in the escalating war between the Star and Us Weekly. This week’s Star carries yet another “shocker” on Demi Moore’s alleged bun in the oven, claiming the actress is in “baby denial” because she won’t publicly admit to being four months pregnant. We don’t know (or, frankly, care) whether Moore is carrying Ashton Kutcher’s idiot spawn, but we’re loving the reaction from Us. Wags at the rival weekly are sniping that it’s actually Star editor Bonnie Fuller who’s in denial — because Demi ain’t pregnant. “It’s getting embarrassing,” says one. “They’re obviously going to have to run a fake miscarriage story to get out of this.”

Last week Us called bullshit on the pregnancy rumors, claiming they were started by Kutcher’s camp to generate press for his two films, Guess Who and A Lot Like Love. Asked about the baby drama, a Star insider says it’s actually Fuller’s L.A.-based stringers who have her convinced that the 42-year-old mother of three is expecting a fourth — even though recent photos show the actress looking thinner than ever. Still egg-faced from the infamous “It’s Baby Time!” cover on the eve of Brad and Jen’s breakup — the tab world equivalent of “Dewey Defeats Truman” — Fuller is once again betting her credibility on her female intuit…er, journalistic instincts. Asked to defuse the baby brinkmanship, Moore’s publicist, Stephan Huvane, opted instead to mock Fuller’s track record, saying, “The Star is not known for its accuracy and good reporting. Just in the last year alone they had Demi and Ashton married twice…. Personal questions about Demi are just that — personal — and not something anyone in the media is entitled to know.” What else would we want to know about — her career?