What went through teen tyro Lindsay Lohan’s mind last week when an L.A. stalkerazzo plowed his minivan into her Mercedes? “I’m just like Princess Di!” Though she survived the June 1 crash—and even attended a party that evening—the rattled actress spent the night telling pals she’d had a reality check (of sorts.) “I didn’t sign up for this shit!” Lohan griped. “I signed up to do red carpets, not this. I feel like I’m gonna be the next Diana and it scares me.” Putting salt on her imperceptible wounds, police on the scene treated her as if she were “just some dumb star,” she added. A few days later at the Herbie: Fully Loaded press junket at the Century Plaza Hotel, Lohan put on a brave face with help from five publicists and a bodyguard. Although the press had strict instructions not to discuss the accident (or her imprisoned father or her rapid weight loss) lest the star be “yanked,” one intrepid journo couldn’t resist. Apparently, neither could Lohan who again compared herself to the princess before a publicist could intervene. “I can certainly understand how Di felt,” she said. “Even after the accident they continued to take my picture, just like with Di. I couldn’t believe it.” Neither can we.


Brangelina obsessives the world over will soon have 60 pages to drool over in W courtesy of fashion snapper Steven Klein. The novella-length portfolio, on newsstands nationally June 24 (June 10 in NYC), features Jolie and Pitt playing house in a stylized ‘60s suburban setting complete with a trio of tots who look “just like Brad.” Sources say Pitt proposed the concept and is so pleased with the shots he wants to have them exhibited in an L.A. art gallery. Meanwhile, the folks at Regency Pictures, the makers of the couple’s upcoming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, are less sanguine about their co-stars’ newfound bliss. To put it another way, they’re terrified. Hoping to curtail the couple’s overexposure, the studio has asked them to keep their distance from each other at the June 7 premiere, sources say. “Brad’s publicist Cindy Guagenti and Angelina’s manager Geyer Kosinski have both been told that they have one job that night and one job only—to make sure Brad and Angelina are never together.” Meanwhile, the studio has an increasingly vocal constituency of Jennifer Aniston fans to contend with. “The pro-Jennifer message boards are already trying to get people to boycott the movie,” notes our insider. “The studio doesn’t want this to be the next Gigli.” Neither Guagenti nor Kosinski could be reached at press time, presumably because they needed both hands to keep their clients from copulating.