FHNCapital Review – Robust Asset Classes and Low Costs


While FHNCapital generally targets different types of traders and investors, it mainly focuses on providing a vast selection of investment products with lower trading fees. Like most forward-thinking brokers, FHNCapital has continually streamlined its trading policies and practices to meet the demands of retail traders and institutional investors.

FHNCapital now boasts more than a million active client accounts, with increasingly growing daily trade values. It offers multiple trading platforms for both novices and seasoned investors. However, the customizability of trading tools is limited, and FHNCapital’s venues are still not accessible in some countries.


  • A vast selection of asset classes
  • Lower fees and spreads
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Excellent customer support


  • The customizability of trading tools and functions is limited
  • FHNCapital is not available in some countries

H2: Trading Platforms and Technology


FHNCapital supports multiple trading platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile versions. The venues have similar features and functionality, but the desktop version is the most robust. The onboarding process is straightforward and fast across all platforms. They also allow you to trade the same asset classes. This broker’s programs also support charts, multi-leg options, screeners, analysis tools, research, and news.

Trading Experience 

FHNCapital’s trading platforms provide extensive menus with several pre-built tools, but customizability is quite limited. Nonetheless, desktop and web versions offer various fundamental and technical tools for seamlessly placing, monitoring, and evaluating trades. You can quickly get a real-time view of your positions and accounts. However, FHNCapital’s desktop version offers more advanced tools and functionality, ideal for active traders.

Mobile App 

FHNCapital’s mobile app is almost identical to the desktop and web-based versions. It offers similar asset classes and excellent trade execution. The app also supports multi-leg options and analysis tools, but some advanced order types are inaccessible. FHNCapital mobile is intuitive with an easy workflow that best suits beginners and casual investors.

Trading Technology 

Traders and investors on FHNCapital will undoubtedly like its intelligent order routing technology that automatically transmits the best available prices in various markets and exchanges. The software is accessible across all the FHNCapital’s platforms, enabling traders to execute orders quickly and at the most low-cost market centers.

Product Offerings

FHNCapital boasts one of the most robust investment portfolios in the industry. While it started with just a handful of products, the broker has significantly expanded its list of offerings to accommodate more asset classes and other unique investments. Here’s a rundown of the currently available product offerings on FHNCapital.

Stocks  Options  ETFs Forex  Mutual Funds 
Crypto Bonds  Futures  Commodities  Futures Options 

FHNCapital regularly adds new products to its portfolio, depending on customer demand. The vast selection of asset classes and fixed income products on FHNCapital makes it an incredible platform for traders and investors seeking to diversify wealth.

Fees and Spreads

FHNCapital is one of the few brokers championing low-cost online trading. It boasts favorable pricing policies to help traders to maximize profitability without implementing harsh cost-cutting strategies. Here is a closer look at the trading costs on FHNCapital.

  • No minimum account deposits
  • Zero commissions stock trading
  • Less than $1 per contract fee for options
  • Several no-transaction fee Mutual Funds
  • Tier-based pricing for Futures
  • Multiple no commissions ETFs
  • No account closure, transfer, or inactivity fees

Customer Support

FHNCapital treats its clients with excellent customer service with faster response times. They have friendly and experienced customer assistants that you can easily interact with on the website and trading platforms. They can help you navigate FHNCapital’s trading platforms and answer questions regarding their services. The broker’s customer service features include toll-free telephone support, callback service, online chat, messaging center, and a dedicated FAQs page.

Our Take

FHNCapital doubles as a multi-asset broker and a low-cost investment platform. It is one of the highly rated names among the most comprehensive online trading platforms today. FHNCapital offers vast investment opportunities with subsidized costs and excellent customer support that every trader and investor instantly loves. Although the platform’s customizability is limited and services are still inaccessible in some regions, FHNCapital is an excellent choice for beginners, passive investors, and active traders.