It’s no secret that JDate, king of the specialty dating market, has become overrun with non-Jews. Outsiders may think twice, however, before poking into other sites—ones that cater to folks with venereal diseases, scatological fetishes, or Star Trek obsessions. Yes, there’s a matchmaking service out there for every mental and physical dysfunction and, luckily, most do cater to one broad group: cheapskates. Many are free, and all cost less than So open your mind and let love in with Radar‘s tour of the Internet’s most unusual dating sites.

WART, ME WORRY? HDate: the natural consequence of too much time spent at

If Valtrex commercials are to be believed, having herpes is all about kayaking and trying in earnest not to infect your significant other. Way too much trouble. If you’ve got the H and you’d rather not worry about spreading it, there’s HDate. It’s like JDate but for those chosen by herpes rather than God.

The site, also known by the less-than-catchy name MPwH (“Meet People with H”), boasts nearly 70,000 members. Along with listing typical personals interests (“walks,” “movies”), members circumvent third-date awkwardness by specifying whether they have herpes simplex 1, 2, or simply let the good times roll and “don’t care either way.”