America’s 10 horniest presidents

s there any job more alpha than Commander in Chief? It’s no wonder the Oval Office has seen so many out-sized libidos. And contrary to what Newt and friends would have you believe, William Jefferson Clinton was a choirboy compared to our most potent POTUS’s (several of whom also happened to be our greatest presidents). The following is an excerpt from Karl Shaw’s 5 People Who Died During Sex (Broadway Books), in bookstores now.

1. George Washington (1789-97)

The original “philanderer-in-chief.” Among the women with whom Washington was known or suspected to have had adulterous relationships were Kitty Greene, Lucy Flucker Knox, Elizabeth Gates, Theodosia Prevost Burr, Kitty Duer, Phoebe Fraunces, Eliza Powell, Mrs. William Bingham, and Mrs. Perez Morton. Officially, Washington died of a chill that he caught riding his horse in the snow. According to a more likely interpretation, he caught his death when he jumped out of a window trouserless after an assignation with an employee’s wife at Mount Vernon.