EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kelly Ripa – “Jane Lynch Is My Goddess”

As the wildly popular Glee prepares to return to Fox Tuesday night with all-new episodes after a four-month hiatus, television host and actress Kelly Ripa opened up to RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview where she shared her inner-geekiness by proclaiming that like many others, she’s a huge fan of the hit TV show Glee and considers herself a ‘Gleek’.

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“I am a ‘Gleek’ and Jane Lynch is my goddess,” Kelly told RadarOnline.com Tuesday morning. “I worship at the church of Jane Lynch! I fell in love with her when I saw Best In Show and I’ve been a devotee ever since.

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“I was a theater nerd. Of course, we at the time didn’t call ourselves theater nerds! We thought we were cool,” Kelly teased. “Unfortunately for me, I was the kid in musical theater that really was an actress but I couldn’t sing so I never got any good parts in the musical theater productions. The straight plays I was always the lead, but the musical theater, I was usually hanging lights and playing a man.”

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With one of the sexiest bodies in the industry Kelly looks like she would be a perfect fit on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and although she says she has been approached for the show, she told RadarOnline.com she just doesn’t have time. “We have been [approached] and to me it’s so much fun and it’s such a great gig,” Kelly said. “But I have three kids, we have homework; I really need to be present in my family.

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“I enjoy watching competitive gymnastics at the Olympics but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’d join an Olympic team!” Kelly jokingly explained. “It’s something I believe that I enjoy more watching than I would enjoy participating in.”

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