VIDEO: American Idol’s Lacey Brown Is Eliminated; Judges Won’t Save Her

American Idol‘s Wednesday show failed to surprise, with a teary-eyed Lacey Brown, the contestant everyone pegged to be going home, getting the boot.

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First up the first awkward moment of the night. Simon calls Ryan out about him “aggressively” confronting him last night. Simon tells him to never do it again. This segues into Ryan asking Simon to explain the judges’ save rule, which he goes on to do, saying that basically the judges save has been reprived and that if all 4 judges agree the judges can save someone from elimination all the way to the top 5. However, they can only save someone one time. Needless to say, it doesn’t happen this week.

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American Idol alum David Cook starts things off with a bang, giving his edgy, rousing version of Jumping Jack Flash all he has.

David shares that it’s great not to have to worry about being voted off like before when he competed, in true Idol fashion, going on to promote his new album and his African tour that is coming up.

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Next is a segment to keep the sponsors happy – the Idol top 12 give a rousing rendition of Tick, Tick, Boom before going on to throw some paint balls at each other while driving around in – here’s the important part – FORD cars.

Paige Miles is the first to walk the walk of shame – being called to the stage by Ryan and then promptly delegated to the bottom 3, being ordered to go sit on a stool.

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Lee DeWyze is in the spotlight next and he will live to sing another song….he’s safe! Exit stage right.

Siobhan Magnus leaves us in no doubt when she’s called up and has praise heaped on her by Ellen, who reiterates how unique she is. No surprise here, Siobhan is safe.

Next up is safe too – Aaron Kelly, no surprise there.

In fact no surprise at all so far on any fronts.

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Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia are ordered to the stage together. Kara asked her opinion on whether she would chose to save one of them, which she declines. One is through and one is sent on the walk of shame, but which one is which?

Andrew is safe whereas Tim is sent to join Paige on the sidelines.

Next up a little light entertainment from someone no-one has ever heard of, but apparently played with Carrie Underwood one time – her name is Orianthi and she is Australian, she performs her song According To You.

Now back to the main turn of events.

Didi Benami has her nerves tested but passes with flying colors, being sent back to her seat – surprise surprise. Didi is safe.

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No surprise that Simon’s favorite, who has also been pegged “the one to beat” single mom Crystal Bowersox also glides through safe and sound.

Next up is safe too – despite a warning by Kara about her pitch, and sparking a debate between the judges about her choice of song, Katie Stevens is through.

No surprise that the new “velvet teddy bear” Michael Lynch is through.

Lacey Brown and Casey James are the two left standing and considering Casey’s cougar favortism and his great performance he’s through and Lacey, surprise, surprise, is in the bottom three.

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So a bottom three of Paige, Lacey and Tim. Who is to be?

Certainly not Tim, after he’s sent to safety after Ryan asks Simon if there’s anyone worth saving….

So it’s down to Paige and Lacey…

Breaking up the dramatic tension Ke$ha treats us to her hit Blah Blah Blah. She’s good, she’s great, she shows the contestants what to aim for.

But back to the bottom two…

The contestant in danger is Lacey and she has to sing for her possible salvation.

But when the judges are asked if they want to save her Simon confirms that it’s a unanimous “no”.

As just about every American Idol blog and fan site predicted Lacey Brown’s American Idol career is over.

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