EXCLUSIVE: Ryan O’Neal Threatened To Kill Me, Producer Charges

Ryan O’Neal threatened to kill a producer who wouldn’t give up control of Farrah Fawcett’s documentary, the producer charges in new court papers, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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Craig Nevius, who is being sued by O’Neal and Richard Francis on behalf of Farrah’s estate, filed new court papers stating:

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“In September 2008, Ryan O’Neal contacted Mr. Nevius and wrongfully demanded that Mr. Nevius relinquish control of SBR and the Film to a producer of his choosing. When Mr. Nevius refused, Mr. O’Neal threatened to kill him.”

The filing also says that Francis told Nevius that Ryan would get violent. The papers state:

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“In April 2009, Mr. Francis threatened Mr. Nevius to stay away from Ms. Fawcett under threat of physical violence, stating: ‘… you better not appear at Farrah’s. Because you’re gonna get your ass kicked in by Ryan! And I mean it!’”

Fawcett’s estate has accused Nevius of embezzling and charged that he was removed from the project of Farrah’s documentary for poor work.

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But Nevius has battled back viciously in court. He sued O’Neal, Alana Hamilton Stewart and Francis last year.

He also says that Stewart used Farrah for profit, to sell a book about her friend’s situation. Claiming that in the book, “Ms Stewart divulged details of Ms Fawcett’s private medical records for her own profit.”

Nevius  outlines his close personal friendship with Fawcett, claiming that when Farrah was diagnosed with the anal cancer that eventually took her life, he was among the first people that Farrah contacted, ahead of her “best friend” Stewart, who Nevius says learned about the diagnosis via reports on the internet.

Slamming Stewart, Nevius also states that she “remained largely absent from Ms Fawcett’s life during Ms Fawcett’s first round of cancer treatments when there were no video cameras present”.

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Nevius goes on to allege, “Ms Stewart became interested in being part of the documentary and the notoriety it would give her, and began to spend time with Ms Fawcett more frequently”.

Nevius also alleges that throughout April and May 2009 he made numerous requests “to see or talk with Farrah, to check on her health and see if her needs were being met” but that he was denied access by the estate.

Hitting back at the allegations of embezzlement made against him by the Estate, Nevius turns the tables, stating, “Mr Francis and Ms Stewart are using the Foundation to divert Ms Fawcett’s assets away from other rightful beneficiaries.”

Farrah died June 25, 2009.

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