EXCLUSIVE: Mystery Fan Revealed: Utah Businessman Posted Bail For Gary Coleman

As rumors swirl around the internet RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal the mystery man who posted bail for troubled actor Gary Coleman, enabling his release from Utah County Jail on Monday evening.

Gary Coleman Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge

Local businessman Jarrod Clarke, a Different Strokes fan who has never met the actor, posted the $1,725 bail, telling RadarOnline.com, “I felt bad for the guy.”

“I grew up watching him and I know he has had a hard life,” Clarke said. ”To see that sad mug shot, for only $1700, I thought it was the least I could do.”

Coleman was released late Monday after 27 hours in jail.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Coleman Leaves Jail In Wheelchair “It Was Absolutely Miserable”

Santaquin police arrested Coleman on Sunday after receiving reports of a “civil disturbance” at his home in that town. Once there, police found Coleman, 41, had an arrest warrant issued for him.

On his release, a wheelchair bound Coleman told RadarOnline.com his jail experience was “absolutely miserable”.

“I’m happy as a clam…I just want to come home,” Coleman said, adding he simply wanted to be in his own bed.

VIDEO: Coleman And His Wife Discuss Their Crazy Fights

While Clarke has not heard from Coleman since he bailed him out, his father-in-law, who met Clarke at the jail, indicated the former child actor would be in touch.

Clarke, whose business interests include owning Money Train Title Loans, had wanted to keep his indentify secret and even went to the extraordinary length of initially telling RadarOnline.com he was Coleman’s private security, in a bid to keep his identity private.

Gary Coleman Hospitalized

“We weren’t doing it for any publicity,” said Clarke, of his motivation.

“It would have been nice to give him a ride home and talk to him about him being a spokesperson for our company, but we posted bail, no strings attached.”

And when asked if he would now seek the bail back from Coleman, Clarke said: “No, no, no. He is the last guy I would ever take money from, although I would take it from MC Hammer.”

Clarke can recover his $1,725 if Coleman appears in court for his outstanding cases.

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