EXCLUSIVE: Murdered Reality TV Prostitute Was Shot 6 Times, Pal Says

In an exclusive interview, Cami Parker, best friend of slain reality TV prostitute Brooke Phillips, tells RadarOnline.com that her friend was shot six times and she was identified by her aunt who recognized her by the tattoos on her burnt body.

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Parker says the bunnies that worked with Phillips at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada are still in a state of shock following the gruesome murder, unable to believe Phillips is dead, and “we all just feel that it’s a big mistake and she’s still alive, that she’ll come walking back in here.”

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Parker says her friend was shot six times before the killer set the fire that burned down the home where Phillips’ body was discovered, along with three others, in an upscale neighborhood in Oklahoma City.

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And although Phillips “never used drugs” Parker suspects the murder could of been drug related, telling RadarOnline.com “Brooke never used drugs, she barely even drank, but she did date a drug dealer on and off.”

Parker says Phillips had just moved out of the ranch to return home to have her baby. “She was only three months pregnant,” Parker tells RadarOnline.com. “We were planning a baby shower for her. Brooke never spoke about the father, just that she was happy to be pregnant.”

And according to Parker, her best friend would not of died without giving up a fight. Parker says that Phillips was “so kind and sweet” but was also tough and that all the bunnies agree that she would of stood up to the gunman.